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    About Heroes of the West mod for Red orchestra 2

    Hello, my name is Liam Kennedy and I am part of the modding team behind Heroes of the West for Red Orchestra 2.

    Red Orchestra 2 is a tactical realism first person shooter set in WW2. The base game features Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union. It's expansion, Rising Storm features the United states against Imperial Japan. 

    Our mod brings the game to the western front. The United States and Great Britain against Nazi Germany. 

    We need British voice actors. We already have new American and German voice actors. But Britain is a new faction we're implementing. Any accent from Great Britain we will accept which includes Scottish, Welsh and Irish accents.

    Voice actors will need to be able to show plenty of emotion in their voice. You will be voicing the players which are soldiers on the frontline. The voice needs to be very convincing. Without being comedic. The base game currently has a very good and immersive set of lines.

    Voice actors will need to be able to ad lib. Around 500 individual recordings are needed. I can't write each individual line for each and every one of you.

    The script is not your conventional script. It lists all the "triggers" of the lines and has 2-3 example lines shown for each line trigger. A minimum of 4 likes per trigger is nessesary with more lines for more commonly said triggers in the game. 

    Each event in the game trighers the character to say something. Either as player input such as the player ordering other players or as a reaction to something that just happened such as a grenade landing next to them or someone getting killed. There are also ambient lines characters say at random Intervals.

    Death sounds in this game are also needed. These aren't your conventional "ouch" you hear in most games. But gruesome ear  splitting screams of pain and the like. Chocking on your own blood and even burning to death. You have to really get into character to do these well.

    Our current voice actors have found that standing up and physically acting out things helps them out and makes them sound far more convincing. You have to get in the right mindset. You are making your way up through a town with death at every corner. You are getting shot at by a machine gun, you are running for cover from an artillery barrage. Think what you would feel in each circumstance. How would you feel if you just shot an enemy who's been killing your friends. What would you say if a live grenade landed 3 feet from you and your soldiers? Things like that. 

    Here's a video of some infantry gameplay on the expansion rising storm and some tank gameplay at the end in Red orchestra 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjOzh7gkK2I

    I recommend finding more gameplay videos to properly get the feel of the game. Actually buying the game would be the best way but it's not necessary.

    There really isn't a limit on how many people we can have. I know there's 3 roles listed but we can have more.

    We want adult males between the ages of 21-35 or there abouts. They need to be ok with using coarse language.

    If you need any more information contact me at [redacted]

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold