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Valor Etheridge's Previously Completed Works

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About Guardians The Film Act 1

This is a fan film and really the first of it's kind in this community of AQ3D. The story I haven't exactly gotten down yet entirely. But I've already almost got act 1 done already I need some voice actors to really liven up this project along with anyone who would love to body act for me. It'd be a massive help for me! I don't have a deadline for the whole film to be done as of right now. Which is why I'll be releasing it in chunks.

Please have patience if you audition. I work just like everyone else. This is my passion, but I can only make this work with help from everyone. If you'd like to see a quick video I did as a fan trailer for the game I'm making this movie around please go check it out! Other wise have fun auditioning. If there are other positions that are not body acting or voice acting that you want to try to support the movie feel free to send me a message. :D

P.S. That trailer isn't any way affiliated with the movie project. It's just something I whipped up real quick in 2 days.

About the Creator: Valor Etheridge

I stream on twitch as ValorsVoices and have my own youtube channel now that i'm producing content on. If would like to see more of my audio book or in general voice acting you're more than welcome to check those out as well.

I've been working as a 7ft tall stilted transformer for about two years now. Thought it might be time that I take my voice that I use every day for comedy and apply it for some bigger projects! In those two years and counting I've gotten the privilege to work under some big names such as Feld Entertainment, Tampa Bay Rays, and their have been many others that have contracted me before. I enjoy applying my bright personality and quick wits to anything comedy related, especially when it comes to banter. I'm currently working with a group at the moment on their own halo fan game, and a couple other smaller projects. But I will do my best to get to everyone that I can! I look forward to working with you all in any way that I can be of service! 
My current work that I've done : Starscream
Sraker (Back breaker)- Halo Reach Machinima
Drako Yolo- Halo Reach machinima
Soldier 76

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold