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About [CLOSED] [Gmod] Meshing Adventures! [EP1] - Captives

Meshing Adventures!

Episode 1: Captives

First off, "Meshing Adventures!" is a Garry's Mod Machinima, it's somewhat, a mashup between the Team Fortress 2 Universe (well, barely, because most of the tf2 people are OCs, aha.) and the Neptunia Universe (same here, because most of them are OCs, aha!)

"It talks about the adventures of Riju Kida, a boy who just woke up in an alternate dimension, completely different to where he was born, obviously. As time passes, he begins to enjoy his new life, until a certain Artificial CPU came to destroy what he has created... Out of rage, he destroyed his nemesis... (he believes, he only knocked her down and made her suffer amnesia) At the end of the fight he faints and permanently loses his memory, and for a little period of time, his "superpowers" that he obtained throughout his adventures.

Slowly, he re-grows his "superpowers" (woah!), and immediately loses them again because of his lust for more power, ending up to make a deal... with a scientist.
And so begins his journey of not minding his own business by solving problems that aren't his and obtaining the "Strength To Protect Things That Matters" by training non-stop and hoping that one day the powers he has lost, comes back to him."

The journey starts with him being captive inside a "Pocket Dimension" with some other strange fellas: Yona Kimei, Baron Clockwork, Chiko & Choko, BoiBoi, Blu and a guy who calls himself "Old Time American Strong Mann", but the others prefer to call him: "Mike".
"Before planning their escape, they have to understand which one of them shall be trusted, and which one of them shall be left behind."
And so they begin to introduce themselves, share their stories, personal information, date of birth, if they are single or not- wait what-
Some of them proposed to "smash!" their way out with brute force, but there were no bars to break.
One of them gave some of his/her time to analyze the place they are in, and found out that there are "strange invisible walls".
Maybe these invisible walls... are portals! Who knows!


A Microphone, that sounds: "OK"
A Voice, I need you to have a voice to voice act
And that's it!
What will happen when you're casted? I need you to have discord and... if you want, join my discord channel otherwise, we could talk through DMs.
Ever since Discord arrived everything is much more simplier! So yeah. Pick it if you still haven't got et
Good luck!

Notes: I'm already voicing Riju Kida and I already found a voice actress for Yona Kimei!

This is my first time making an animated series in Garry's Mod! The ones I created, are short and simple clusterf***s. But boy! This is making me all pumped up! I really hope that we can create a beautiful peace of work!

Links: If you wanna check my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1-hocWZodYqQChwAyVw0pw?spfreload=10
Want to be up-to-date? Or join the discord server before you're going to be casted? Here! https://discord.gg/aJAphat 

When will you begin to cast?

I'll begin when it's close to its deadline, so... don't worry. Relax... and cross your fingers...

Wait, so you won't check the auditions until the deadline is close?

Mate, of course I'll check 'em! How am I supposed to give the final verdict then? It's not like I can just wait for the deadline and quickly cast the one who I think "Has got It!" ... wait that would be much more easie- UHM.

About the Creator: Athali

I'm a simple 18 years old hobbyst.
But I take singing and voice acting as something, very, important for me.
Aaaand... I mostly love singing.
I'd like to say that my main accent is a, what I like to believe, a mixture of North American, Australian, British, Italian, Russian... It's a mess, but I love this mess.
If you'd like to hear more of my singing: check the social links!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold