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About 月月 Getsu Gatsu (Original Anime) Extras

As a person who watches a lot of anime, it's impossible for me not to be inspired. This project has been in the works for a little under a year. And though it isn't a true anime, I consider it a series that draws inspiration from anime. Up until now, I have been working on this by myself, though I cannot do that for much longer. 

That is why I am here today, Casting Call Club. I am here to recruit other anime fans who want to have fun and make something their own. I had an audition a few months ago for the main characters, and there will be a few people who didn't quite make the cut. However, I have added these backup characters down the line. In particular, I have animated two female characters already, but I don't have official and/or pretty concept art for them yet. Also, if anyone has any other talents they'd like to offer to the project, I will keep an open ear. Even those who simply wish to follow the show's development will be appreciated. 

Since there is no real source material, I have provided some details about the story and characters below.

The story is simple, it revolves around six main characters who have an odd thing in common. They are a new breed of monster. Not quite human, but not animal or demon either. This is a world where magic is real, demons and monsters are present members of society, and humans know about them. These main characters were created as an experiment to see how a mix of animal, demon, and human can effect the world around them. If successful, they will survive in this cruel world. If not, they will all die.

Also, here's some of the soundtrack. There are other songs, but these are the ones that are finished and ready to use:

Expectations and Terms
- a good mic
- good energy
- willingness to work on multiple episodes

After I give accepted actors their script, I'd like to skype with them whenever they may be available, just so I can answer questions or give them instruction on specific lines when applicable. I also expect prompt reply, as I don't want to wait more than a month before being able to animate characters.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold