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    About Game World: Books 1, 2, And 3 Official Dub (Video Game Worlds Combined + Dragon Ball) (Teenager Roles Needed)

    Game World is a series revolving around three teenage heroes (Pyro, an inkling, Daybreak, a Saiyan, and Apple, a traveler) who find out that there has recently been a crash of video game worlds and they work together to find out what evil force did this and how to stop it. The book series is still ongoing and is still have fixes between previous chapters, but we plan to have an audiobook project with different members voicing different characters. Please remember though, this project is for fun, and we’re basically making an audiobook of a fan fiction on Wattpad, and maybe make friends along the way. If you’re looking to do serious work or get paid, you shouldn’t be here. Here are the links to all three stories:
    Pyro’s Story (Game World: A Blazing Hero): https://my.w.tt/yeo0gcF5lN
    My Story (Game World: A Saiyan Warrior): https://my.w.tt/POojARM5lN
    Apple’s Story (Game World: Double Gaiden): https://my.w.tt/fXuNXmS5lN
    Auditions are mostly teenage characters. We would appreciate if you can stick your voice to the description given on that role, but if you wanna add your own twist to the voice, that’s fine too (just don’t make it far away from what we want, meaning don’t do a completely different voice we requested). We do need some adult roles, but if you think you can do a really good impression of the adult character despite being a teen, give your audition a shot! I might accept it if I like it.
    As far as mic quality goes, we need little to no background noise. If your mic has a lot of static and/or you can hear literally everything, then prooooobably don’t audition, lol. Remember there’s a deadline too (June 30th)!
    Artists are optional here, but we’re looking for artists that can drawn in an anime style. Please link me a demo reel or one of your works when you audition.
    Finally, we will be using Discord to communicate. Once you get the part, I’ll message you a one-use-only link to the server. If you’re going to audition and end up getting the role, you must be active and contribute on the server we’ll be talking in. If there are any problems, message me on there at Ophem#7398 or Apple on OhSnappleItsApple#7568 (you need to friend request us in order to message us sadly. Don’t worry- we’ll accept them).
    Lines will be DM’D to you on Discord, and once you’re finished recording, submit them to the #submitting-lines channel on Discord so I can get them to work on them as soon as I can to post the new episode on YouTube!

    Daybreak and Goten - Me
    Apple - Apple
    Luken - Pyro

    Details of open auditions will be listed in the description (like whether it’s major or minor). That’s all from me, have fun!
    (More roles will be added soon)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold