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About Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged



You have to have a discord, and it has to be active. Meaning: You regularly sign into it. In addition, I need people who I can actually get in touch with. I'm not trying to have this turn into some project that dies after two months or so. The scripts are written every two episodes. Everyone's going to get credit for everything that they do.

I am holding everyone to the same accord. 

 No channels under business discord should be muted and no unrelated topics should be posted in business.

After a script is completed, at the start of each month, you are to complete your lines for your casted role(s) from the month start date until the end of the month. (Of course, just as it has been in the past, if there is something going on that will keep you from meeting this time frame, I will work with you. You just have to communicate with me. Preferably, not the last minute.)

Exceptions from the Month Period: 

As previously stated, if there’s anything going on in your life, you must communicate that to me. If Taby or I are needed to help you do your lines, but we are not available within the time frame, which is rare.”

If you’re given a script early, (Ex: If your character isn’t in the current episode, but is in the next one or so you’re given the script early to go ahead and record.) The Month period will only begin when that script is posted to the script channel.

If you are taking on an extra for that episode and you already play a character in that episode, I’ll grant you a 5-day extension. Otherwise, you’ll be on the same Month period as everyone else if you’re an extra for that episode.

The deadline period does not apply work regarding: video/sound editors, those edits take a large amount of time and energy and I am reasonably flexible with time needed.

        After the Deadline:

(This only applies if I have not heard from you by the time of the deadline) 

You will be contacted a total of three times after the month period and given 72hours to respond total.

1st Contact Attempt:

I will attempt to contact via Discord. If I do not receive an update/response within 24 Hours. I will move to a 2nd attempt.

2nd Contact Attempt:

I will attempt to contact you via CastingCall and Discord. From this point, I'll give you another 24 hours to respond. After that, I'll move on to a final attempt.

Final Contact:

I will make one last attempt to contact you using every means of contact I have from you. (YouTube, Discord, CastingCall, Email, Etc) If I do not receive a response after 24 hours. Your role will be uncast, and you will be released from the project.

If you have any questions or concerns please ask.

About the Creator: floyd

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