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    About Fire Emblem [original] Fandub Youtube Series

    I am producing a +30 part video series based around Fire Emblem, the long-standing medieval fantasy series from Nintendo, specifically the first Fire Emblem game to have been sold outside of Japan. Rather than the strategy gameplay the series is known for, these fandub videos will focus on the character interactions and the political and emotional struggles throughout the game to recreate the game's story as a drama series. Think of a family friendly version of "Game of Thrones". 

    Whereas most fandub projects on Youtube focus on Japanese anime shows, which require voice acting in time with the characters lip movements, this project looks to grant it's cast an extra bit of freedom by having the characters' mouth movements fit around the actor's performance. This will hopefully provide a more organic, grounded delivery. This will be a community driven project pulling from the talents of various music mixers to enhance the game's soundtrack, painters and, of course, voice actors. An extensive cast is required for this project, so I hope you will consider applying to this project:

    “Fire Emblem takes place on the fictional continent of Elibe, 1000 after mankind won a savage against dragons for control of the continent. We follow the story of Eliwood, a young lord of the town of Pherae, on a search for his missing Father, who was rumoured to be involved in a rebellion plot against the capital city of Ositia before his disappearance. Eliwood's mission will take him across the continent, he will have him contend with an corrupt band of assassins, a militant neighbouring country on the brink of full-scale war, and a madman hell-bent on bringing back the ancient dragons.”

    Application to this project will require you to provide either an audio file of you voice acting as your chosen character using the lines provided in the character profile labeled 1, 2 or 3. Alternatively a demo reel of what voices you can comfortably do would be ideal. If you are selected for the project, you must provide an email address or skype so I can regularly contact you. Actors must be prepared to be flexible in their schedule and be prepared to work casually but continuously other the course of the next couple of months. This is a voluntary project with work hours, deadlines and end dates that will be determined once the cast list is complete. All actors with have access to a downloadable version of the video that they have voiced in after it goes live on Youtube. Participants will record in their own environment and must have a decent mic, preferably XLR rather than USB but this isn't vital, and a recording environment that minimises static and background noise. Good luck, everyone! 

    UPDATE: Live Skype auditions are allowed, provided you can give me definitive time when you are ready to audition. I'm free most evenings, apart from Tuesday, 9-11pm GMT. My skype name is roy.havenstone. Additionally, email auditions can be submitted to [redacted] under the title "Fire Emblem Audition" followed by the character[s] you are aditioning for.

    About the Creator: roy havenstone

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold