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    About Final Fantasy XIV: The Light Bearers


    The purpose of this audition is to make a trailer of a serie I'm currently writing (all the details will follow) to determine if I'm on the right track and if I can bring those characters to life and also to bring people to the serie itself. If you are chosen during the current audition, you will be called to be the same character in the series as well, so you are not losing your role, so make sure you are commited to this project before auditioning please. 

    *** What is Final Fantasy XIV: The Light Bringers ***

    Either you are a fan of the game Final Fantasy XIV or not, this serie is based upon the story and not the game. The story takes place when the main character, Jadeite Farwind, wakes up from a strange dream. She is on a trip to the city of Gridania and have no recollection of what happened to her prior being on the carriage taking her to her new destiny. 

    The story is based upon the numerous cinematic from the game and different aspect of the game (but some aspect such as Jadeite taking on the quest to be red mage so early in the story are not chronological to the game in terms of leveling). So basically, it is the story of Final Fantasy XIV, but with a main character instead of the character you would be playing, with some twists and side stories that are not related to the immediate story.

    *** Project in Progress ***

    All auditions have lines in, but not all of them have character description for characters within the game as I'm trying to get a good approach to explain them as people seems to have different perspective of them. This do not prevent you to audition with your freedom of creativity and impress me. If you did play Final Fantasy XIV you can get inspired by the characters and cutscenes you know to produce a better representation, but I do not ask for a replica, just similarities in terms of accent. The voice must be different (as we know some of the voice in the A Realm Reborn were pretty bad, and I want something better). You are also welcome to check youtube videos of the cutscenes including those characters, but make sure they are in the timeline of A Realm Reborn as some of the NPCs changes personality throughout the course of the game (exemple, Yda).

    *** Requirements ***

    If you are accepted, you have to have discord so we can keep in touch. A server will be made especially for this project and will be messaged to you.
    Also, if you audition, you accept that you will continue to work for this project for the pilot episode. If the response from the audience is positive, then, we'll continue with an unknown number of episodes for season 1 (I'll try to make it 24, but A Realm Reborn as so much content plus the content of Jadeite's story it's hard to tell at this point).
    You may always feel free to talk to me if you have any questions whatsoever, never be shy. It's by good communication that we are a good team.

    *** Distribution ***

    The test trailer will be available on youtube on a channel I will make for this project only. Afterward, the pilot episode (and any subsequent episodes) will be streamed on Twitch (once as a live and once as a recap) and will be announced on a future twitter account. The episodes will become available on youtube, 24-48 hours after their broadcast on Twitch. Note that everyone is credited and if you have a twitch channel and/or youtube channel, links will be available on both platforms to advertise your own platforms.

    *** Monetization ***

    This is a fan project and will never be monetized. It's a project made by fans for fans, and I want to keep it that way to avoid any conflicts with Square Enix whatsoever. Shall the Twitch channel becomes Affiliate or Partnered, a discussion will be held with the crew in order to know what we shall do, but this project is not done in a way to gain profit, but to have fun.


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold