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Koichi Saito's Previously Completed Works

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    About Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Re-mastered Fandub

    Originally posted on the Voice Acting Alliance. For more information, go here:!

    I say this since this site only allows for three lines per character. I feel some of the characters will need more than 3 in order for people to get a good feel for the character. I will post some lines for each character here, but it is strongly suggested to check the link above and send me lines that way. If you wish to audition here though, that is perfectly fine. This is my first time using this outlet after all.

    I will casting in episodic format to keep things better organized. Though it is my intention to give voices for the game in its entirety, I'll take things slow and cast per episode to make things easier, so be sure to check back to the thread often to see which characters are up! 

    Advance Re-Mastered: Though I tackled this game in the past, I hope to start anew. I'll be recording the GBA game, but will be using the re-mastered soundtrack for most of the music in the game. So the music will be orchestrated, though the game and story will still be like normal.

    Each episode will be about 20-something to 30-minutes long, with a bunch of dialogue per episode. 

    Rules & Guidelines

    • If you plan to audition for this project, make sure you're prepared to record for the long haul. If you are cast, and fail to get in touch with me if you cannot turn in lines or just disappear, you will be re-cast. I will not tolerate actors who have no intention of keeping a professional mind-set.

    • As much as possible, I will try to send out critiques for anyone who's requested one. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to send one out due to working X-amount of jobs, but I will do my best to send something out.

    • Do not pester me for a critique or for information. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, but don't send me an e-mail or message everyday asking the same question.

    • I reserve the right to scout or self-cast certain characters as I see fit, if suitable voices are not found by the deadline. I will not cast any character open for audition before the deadline.

    • For War of the Lions, though most text in the game is written in a “Shakespearean” setting manner, you do not have to add any accents to character unless the description calls for it. If you want to though, feel free to.

    • If you wish to read for Extras, or do not mind being an extra (quite a few them have monologues), you can read the lines included below AND/OR send a demo reel if you have one. Show me the extent of your acting abilities and you may be rewarded with even a recurring role.

    Recording Guidelines

    • Be sure to record for EVERY line I've set out for the character you're auditioning for. Missing even a single line will result in me not counting the audition.

    • As much as possible, be sure to record without any background noises, puffs, peaking, or static.

    • Record your lines in mp3 or wav format. 44100 hz Stereo.

    • You're free to record multiple takes for each line. Limit it to no more than 7-10 takes per line.

    • Save each file as "charactername_username_line#" (Ex: Ramza_KoichiSaito_01)

    • If you're auditioning for multiple characters, be sure to zip all files in a zip or rar file.

    • Send all auditions to [redacted]

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold