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About Final Fantasy IX FanDub: Re-Cast for Freya

It's been two long years since Final Fantasy IX FanDub has seen the light of day, but that silence is about to be broken. Your cries for a continuation have been heard. Your threats have been acknowledged. This is a Casting Call for a complete re-cast of Final Fantasy IX FanDub. Our FanDub is 17 Episodes in and our Channel has hundreds of Subscribers.

- Recordings must be in WAV Format.

- Check your recording environment. If it sounds like you a recording in a Gym (meaning lots of Reverb, AKA Room Echo), I cannot cast you for the role. You can E-mail me if you need help adjusting this.

- Audition Deadline: July 1st at 8PM Pacific Time.

Important Notice
I respect my Actors and I like to promote a healthy atmosphere. I am fun to work with, but I need to set some basic expectations before we begin.

Our continuation of Final Fantasy IX FanDub will run for a considerable amount of time. I'll provide ample time for each Actor to complete their recordings and I have no problems providing additional time if need-be. You need to E-mail me if you are going to miss the Deadline though, as this places a halt on the project against all the Actors who have submitted their recordings on-time.

Quality of Work
I am a bit sticky when it comes to Revisions, but this isn't because your rendition was bad. It's because my expectations are rather high. I might've heard a breath pop. The microphone might've had some background noise. You might've clipped the microphone...

Our Actors are rarely asked to re-record on a technical matter because they know what to listen for before they submit their recordings.

Creatively, I might've heard something amazing that I'd like you to improve on... Or I'd like to take a different approach from what you provided. I'll try to schedule a rehearsal session on Skype to make this a smooth process.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold