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Thanh Tan's Previously Completed Works

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    About Fanfiction Audiobook Recording - 20% Revenue sharing lifetime

    We are looking for the stories tellers for our audio book records to speed up the progress of the recording project.

    We are willing welcome all the potential candidates who are interested in our project.

    Narrator who have recording experience and recording equipment are preferred.

    No experienced candidates are also accepted.


    • - Have a professional micro

    • - Love reading books (Require *)

    • - Fluently and emotionally reading skills  (Require *)

    • - Be able to read at least 1 per day or 4-5 chapters per week.

    • - Be willing to take part in the project at least 1 – 2 months or more.


    • - 20% revenue of the books you record (or can be negotiated in the interview).

    • - Be allowed to use the file complete books for the future job documents (not included the purposes of commercial). 

    Content of the project:

    This project is carried out to produce the free audio book for the readers who have the best interest in audio books. We build it for the base of the favor of fans wanting to share to book lovers without money to pay for the highly expensive proper novels, stories. 


    - Your job is to read and record the books, then basically edit the audio files (ex: remove noise, remove duplicate reading phase (if any)). 

    - After that, export your recording to mp3, send it to us. 

    - Finally, the audio files will be uploaded in our channels system. 

    - Next, we will connect and look for the audio book fans. 


     After the audio books are finished and uploaded completely in the system. Monthly revenue will be reckoned and noted on the day eleventh of the next day and paid on the day of 22nd of the same month. 

    Ex: The audio books are uploaded in July. The revenue from 1st to 30th of July will be recorded on 11th August and we will be release on August 22nd. 

    Finally, narrators will receive the revenue after 23rd via PayPal or the other optional payment gates.

    Related questions:

    Question 1: Is the project legal?
     The answer is, of course, yes. We asking for recording the book and we read only fanfiction ( Not official book)

    Question 2: How is 20% of revenue shared? Just one time or more?

    Answer: the sharing is 20% of revenue of each month (lifetime )

    One time recording, lifetime sharing!

    Question 3: If the audio books are not sold, how can I get the revenue?

    Answer: The revenue of the project will be from the advertisements we put on the website contain audiobook ( Youtube)

    Question 4: How can I apply for this position?

    Answer: Submit your audition and comment your skype ID below. We will contact with you if your profile and your voice is suitable with our requirements.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold