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    About [ FANDUB ] Professor Layton and the Vanishing Cake

    Fine day, isn't it?

    Greetings; my name is Miki, and one bright sunshine-y day I got the idea.

    The Layton manga needs to be dubbed.

    And so, this project was put into place! The manga in question is titled Layton Kyouju to Yukai na Jiken, and if you wish to read it (to audition, you definitely must know the plot after all) you can find it right here.

    I contemplated starting from the first chapter in the manga, but it only had two roles total; not much opportunity there. If I can find a Layton who would want to stick with the project afterwards, I'd definitely love to dub it! Related to that point...

    Depending on how much progress can be made here, and if we actually do finish this project to a point of success, I will consider dubbing the manga in its entireity! Please keep this in mind if you're aiming to audition; you might just be so darn good that I'll want you to stay in the case that we do continue!

    As for roles, I myself will be filling in for Luke Triton. And as for other characters, spots for the Narrator, Professor Layton, Don Paolo, and Mr.Proscuitto are open and up for grabs! Flora Reinhold is taken by @Cassiotea. Please try your best to sound like whomever you audition as!

    Now finally, for rules.

    I. Have a decent microphone.

    I'm quite picky when it comes to audio quality; having audio crisp and clear from one person and then having muffled radio-like audio following right after is, well, cringe-worthy. So nothing too fancy is expected, but as long as there is no noticeable distortion or background noise, static, etc. you should be good to go!

    II. Know your character.

    Reading over the lines of the character you'll audition for is the key to success when it comes to auditioning for them; that applies to any voice acting role, so why would it be any different here?

    III. Turn your lines in.

    The sooner, the better! We're always eager to finish as soon as we can!

    IV. Be cooperative.

    To both myself and your fellow VAs. It doesn't matter how good you are at your role; if I see you being rude or disrespectful to another person, I'll kick you out and replace you immediately, no questions asked.

    V. Consider the following:

    -This will be a video project uploaded to YouTube.

    -You'll need to provide an email for lines.

    -A group chat will be made on Skype, so you'll need one.

    If any of the above is problematic for you, please contact me and we'll try to work it out. If nothing can be done, however, please do not audition.

    VI. Have fun!

    The Layton manga is supposed to be a humorous and enjoyable project to dub; I'd never want it to be anything else. If for whatever reason you aren't enjoying it, please do tell me. I'll try my best to make your role as enjoyable as can be!

    Well, that wraps up about everything I need to say. I pray this project will be a success!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold