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    About Fallout 4 - CPCVR Mod

    To keep it brief, we are creating a CPCVR Mod for the Bethesda title "Fallout 4" on PC.

    What is the CPCVR Mod?

    The "CPCVR (Complete Player Character Voice Replacement) Mod" is a Fallout 4 Mod that allows players to use different types of voices to match their preferred character appearance.

    What type of voices will the CPCVR Mod include?

    At this moment, we are looking for Caucasian-American voice actors to help us with the creation of this mod. However, we are planning on adding more races and accents to this mod as well.

    (Original Characters and "voice impressions" may be included as well, but will be released later on).

    Fallout 4 must have thousands of lines right, would I have to record all of them at once?!

    Yeah, You're right...both player characters - male and female - have 13,000 lines...EACH!

    But wait! Here's the good news...

    We are creating the mod in chunks, which means we will be creating voices for the main story quests first (from the Prologue etc.) and adding in the rest of the voices after. Much easier, right?

    We are currently working on implementing voices for the Prologue. The rest of the Acts will be announced later on.

    Is this going to be a 'Paid' project?

    As we have worked with Voice Actors before, we understand how much voice actors would like to voice act for a living. 

    Unfortunately, we can not pay you for your efforts. Maybe in the future but not right now. We are also working on it for free, but what we really want in return is a following. We are also working as hard as we can to try and get the project recognized. 

    We also want to get the voice actors and everyone else who are involved to be recognized for their participation so, there's that too!

    I don't want to audition, can I follow the development process instead?

    If you want to keep up with the progress of The 'CPCVR Mod', follow us on Twitter! @GuardianNoire

    If you want to say "Hi!" to the team, add us on Skype!

    We'll also be uploading videos to our YouTube channel in the upcoming weeks, subscribe to that as well!

    Voice Acting Requirements

    1. Recording equipment must be above average (and please keep background noise to a minimum. Keep in mind that we will only be able to clean up ambient noise as a last resort).

    2. Please follow the character description and lines as accurately as possible. We are very strict on this!

    3. Please note that this project may need your voice 13,000 times (If the mod gets some recognition), so if your schedule is shaky and you can't record 15+ lines at a time, this project may not be for you. This project may take a few months to complete so work ethic is very important to us as we heavily rely on our voice actors, obviously.

    We, The 'Guardian Noire' Modding Team, are looking forward to all of your auditions!

    Thank you.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold