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    About Fairy Tail capter 421 - 429 {manga}

    Please contact me on genetics

    or Nori on Castingcall


    To keep the fairness of the project, I will also audition for a few characters.

    Basically, the audition with the most votes will probably be cast, unless I think otherwise.

    What this project's about...

    This project is about those who can voice those Fairy Tail characters! You will be voicing a character from Fairy Tail volume 50. You will voice the manga chapters, the place I have chosen to start this off is exactly where Fairy Tail 2014 (anime) left off.

    This is all for fun!


    1. You don't need to use a professional microphone, you may use the one on your tablet or laptop. However if you do so it is advised you aren't in an echo-y room or loud environment. We want to hear your voice only. If you catch some audio of your laptop's fan or something, it's fine for the most part.

    2. We need some manga colorists! This isn't your ordinary little manga projects. The voice actors do NOT need to do this part, but it'd be helpful if they did. See that little picture for the project? That's a manga coloring. If you go on tumblr, you'll find hundreds of colored pictures from the manga. Each page, each panel and pretty much every drawing in the manga will be colored, if you'd like to audition for one, but have no experience, give me a message! I'll be happy to tell you what to use and such - if you're a beginner, why don't you give Paint Tool SAI a try and watch some tutorials, it's completely free. As for the images you will be coloring, I will give them to you. Don't just go off and find them, wait for me to hand 'em in to you. The images and voice clips will be compiled into a video and sent off to youtube. See those icons for the character roles? Those are roughly what you need to produce!

    3. Audition for as many characters as you like... buuuutt.... it doesn't mean you will get every single character you audition for. To keep the fairness of the auditions, you can be CAST for a maximum of two characters, so comment a #1 for the character of your first choice, the one you really want to be cast as, and a 2# for the character you don't mind being cast as. You can AUDITION for as many characters as you like, sweetie!

    4. If we get some popular hits on youtube when I upload the first video, you might be asked to come back and do another volume! Please state if you would be willing to or not.

    5. I'm not the best video editor in the entire world, so if you'd like to help that'd be amazing !

    6. Manga coloring and voicing takes time... so you get until January 15th to actually audition for a voice actor, manga colorist or video editor. As for when the actual project comes out, it should perhaps be out by June or July 2017 at the very very latest. Earliest, probably February 2017.

    If you want to audition...


    Please contact me on genetics

    or Nori on Castingcall

    With some of your example colorings!


    contact me with the links above with a sample video of what you're capable of doing. All we're really doing is putting the pages together, so even a beginner can audition.


    You don't need to sound exactly like your character! You can add a unique accent or twist to the character.

    Please keep in mind the microphone rule.

    You might be asked to return for another volume so be prepared to maybe get a message about it!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold