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    About Eladian Quest: Sorcerer Wielders Auditions

    anime, comedy, tragedy, drama, action, adventure

    Note: This project is temporarily free because I am poor, but if I get Eladian Quest sold, I'll get the money made off it to you for your hard work, since Eladian Quest is a big project.

    Antagonist auditions are now available! https://www.castingcall.club/projects/eladian-quest-antagonist-auditions

    Season 1 try outs!

    Eladian Quest is about a girl named Valera Tinsai (Eydis) who thinks she knows everything about herself, but in reality has no clue who she is. She is the last of her race, Eladians, alive after being attacked by a tyrant king who merely attacked just to gain more land. Being the only survivor, she goes onto a journey into the king's capital city of Burliss, Edeyint, to assasinate the king. On her journey, she joins a childhood friend who disappeared for many years; an elf without magic, bow, sword, or dagger but an axe; an orc who doesn't do much fighting but is doctor, witchdoctor, and shaman; and a group of people who weild powerful artifacts of legend... and many more. She faces many obstacles to get to the king, a dark warlock, mercenaries, and much more challenging enemies.

    To see info and Character appearances, go to http://shade-productions.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Parker_Sims51/Eladian_Quest

    Who are the Sorcerer Wielders?

    The sorcerer Wielders are a group of people who wield ancient artifacts called Sorcerers Artifacts, they are all protagonists except for one of the former members (ass-hooooooole).

    The Sorcerer Wielders fight to make the land better, using the Sorcerers Artifacts for what they were truly made for which were made to benefit the world and solve many problems which protects the lives of many people, help community problems, and so on. These artifacts have unlimited power and can be used in every way possible in it's purpose of being made.

    They currently live in refuge, hiding, waiting to take down the deciving king who lies to his people and conquers more land just so he can have more power. When the last Eladian is dicovered, they assist her in a rebelion against the king.

    About the Creator: shade productions

    The comic for Loser Club is finally being perfected and will be available for all eyes to see! Release date for the first issue: 2/20/17

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold