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About [Aikatsu!] Dramatic Girl English Cover (Ichigo and Aoi needed!!)

Hi, I'm TrueCrayon! This song is part of a group of Aikatsu! songs that I started singing with a group of 14 other people last year. We've recorded everything we need for the previous 3 songs and uploaded 2 of them to my channel but for this final song we'll need a couple more people due to dropouts and people missing deadlines. We still need an Ichigo and an Aoi (we already have the four other singers and their lines have been recorded). See the roles below for a description of how each character sounds. You don't have to sound exactly like them, in fact I will likely choose someone who sings in time and in tune over someone who sounds like the character.

If you are cast then I really need you to commit to this project. We're way, way over schedule due to people not responding and missing deadlines and asking for extensions. Please don't audition if you know you will be too busy to record in the near future (I will however make exceptions for illness/other situations out of your control). 

In order to audition please listen to the video above and sing everything that's in there. Please listen to it through headphones or earphones while you sing to keep you in time and don't add in any background music or dramatic (excuse the pun) effects (e.g. echo/reverb etc.). If you sing significantly out of time or out of tune then I will likely not consider your audition (sorry!). For the audition I have just included a couple of sections of the song but the actual group cover will be the full version. Please excuse my cracky voice and inability to stay in tune in the video - I'm just getting over a cold... :( The lyrics you need to sing in the audition are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GbV9VL4NcIqHcrtf4WmhVMuziIGIS9CF08hRPGZP7oA/edit?usp=sharing

The deadline for auditions is April 15th, however this may change if I need more auditions!

Good luck and I can't wait to hear your audition! I'm really excited to get this project done!

About the Creator: truecrayon

I write translyrics for Vocaloid and Aikatsu Songs and sing covers of them on YouTube. I do all of my own mixing etc. I love doing collabs so please feel free to ask me or if there's a song you want me to write translyrics for go ahead! I'm also happy to mix stuff for you - I'm not a professional or anything but I can give it a shot! :) I also do a little bit of voice acting too ^^

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold