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About Dragon Ball Z: Ocean inspired fandub (Return of Frieza/SSJ Transformation)

Hi everyone! I've decided to try and put together a fandub of a memorable moment from Dragon Ball Z but rather than trying to stick closely with the Japanese version (as many other fandubs already do) I've decided to take some creative liberty with the project and dub it in a way that I haven't seen done before. Basically I want to try and cast a small group of actors who can best fit the original Canadian cast performances seen in the first "Ocean dub" of the show. Along with these performances the scenes will also have additional sound effects to increase dramatic effect (a common practice of the Ocean dub) and feature alternative, yet fitting music placement (not Bruce Faulconer or the original Japanese music). 


For those unaware, the original English dub of Dragon Ball Z featured actors from Vancouver Canada and is often referred to by fans as the "Ocean dub" due to being produced by Ocean productions. This particular cast and crew only managed to originally dub the first 53 episodes of the show (technically 67 edited down to 53) and were later brought back after a hiatus to continue dubbing the rest of the series for TV in parts of Europe and Canada. Because they had to keep up with the American version of the show they skipped over a significant amount of episodes, most notably the post Ginyu Force episodes as well as the famous Super Saiyan transformation.

For this project we will be starting off light by only dubbing one important scene from the Freeza/Frieza saga. The scene will be split into two parts and dubbed one at a time. The first part will essentially be a test to see how well this goes and if we should continue into part 2. 

Scene we will be dubbing: The aftermath of the Spirit Bomb on Namek/Freeza's return (Part 1) & Krillin's death/Goku's transformation (Part 2)

My role will be directing the actors, editing the footage/music/sound and providing the script. I will also make sure to provide chosen actors with the appropriate video clips necessary to dub. I am considering acting in this project as I can do a decent impersonation of two of the characters however I am waiting to hear other actor's auditions/impersonations before making a decision.

Things to consider: 
-The original voices are merely a reference for what to sound like. If your impersonation isn't perfect I am still open to an audition from you if you feel you can nail the performance. 
-Despite the original Ocean version of Freeza having a female voice actress I am open to female AND male auditions for this character (Keep in mind Freeza only has a speaking role in part 2 of this scene which will be dubbed later).
-A narrator will only be needed for part 2
-Piccolo will only be needed for part 1
-For pronunciations I will be sticking to the standard well known English dub pronunciations unless stated otherwise (i.e Na-mek, Say-en, Krillin etc).

About the Creator: nitro

A hobbyist voice-over fan equipped with a microphone and the editing skills to make my vision a reality. Often eager to collaborate with talented people of any kind.

When I'm not impersonating my favourite voices or coming up with my own I enjoy creating personal passion projects and love the process of editing performances together and directing other voice actors.

Feel free to add me on Discord, I love to collaborate.


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold