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    About Despair ( Sims 2 Series Voice Over) [Need Males]

    So this is a new series, It's yet to be finished, I'm behind schedule, and still working on the last few characters, This is a small little series I want to put together. Basically the gist of this is: 

    A few kids in a Foster-care facility have been put together in one big house and has been there for quite some time. Leyila (the main female character) has a sick brother she takes care of. Her other brother, stuck in his old ways- never really has time for Evan (her sick brother). He's lost  his way and is stuck living the party and fuck b*tches life. It surrounds a bunch of teens/adults that go through the hardships of life. You can see how each person handles their pains.

    The series contains some triggering/depressing topics. So if you're not comfortable with the following don't audition!

    *Bullying/verbal abuse

    *Abuse ex; Verbal, Psychial, sexual





    *Swearing/curse words/ also known as "bad words" or "no no words" 

    *Homosexuals/Homophobic (idk why this would be even remotely triggering)

    If you are also not comfortable having a non-heterosexual character, then do not audition.

    Despair is a series about a bunch of different serious and possibly triggering events that happen to both teens, and the adults.

    mostly there will be guys for a few episodes, the girls will come in more between the 6 and 7th episodes. but I will post more parts for females. (it's such a low chance at finding GOOD male voice actors, *sigh*)

    as for auditioning, please keep in mind, these few things so you have more of a chance to get picked!!

    * you have to be able to dig deep down and bring out the emotions. I'd like to see you include some crying/sobbing/sniffles, raised voices/agression/yelling in your auditions.

    *Somewhat decent mic

    * be on time!! I don't want anyone being late, I need them in asap, I mean I give ATLEAST a month notice on the lines. that should be more than enough!

    *If you aren't comfortable with some swearing, let me know in the auditions.

    At the moment that's all that is included in this! A Trailer of some sort shall be up soon! 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold