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Firefly's Previously Completed Works

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About Death List II - Seeking Males - CLOSED

Hello! Last year I made a sims 2 Halloween Special entitled Death List. I was rushed for time because I didn't start early enough so this year I am not making that mistake again. I am starting early.

Here is the first Death List if you are interested in watching it:

This was the plot of the last Death List:
While all of you were away at parties or trick or treating on Halloween, a group of friends go out into the mountains to celebrate the birthday party of on of their beloved friends Karen. But suddenly, people start dying and the group must figure out which one of them is the murderer. Until the final fight.

For this second part of the plot, it is a continuation:
Maddie, a survivor of the house, is in jail and is forced to come to terms with her life sentence. But suddenly, the judge declares her not guilty of the murders and she is allowed to walk freely. Meanwhile, Skylar, having Post Traumatic stress from the previous events of the following year, refuses to go back to her grandparents house or deal with anything scary. Skylar's younger sister, Dani, and a group of her friends find an abandoned house and decide to check it out and try it. Skylar tries to stop them because of the previous events but to no avail, they do not listen. So she must follow them. Meanwhile, Maddie hears about this and tries to attend to make ammends with Skylar. Little do they know, the ghosts of the past have not yet gone to rest, and their lives might not be safe, after all.

I need males because all of the females have been casted. I am doing one generic male audition with three lines to be said in different tones. This is just so I can see your range, and upon casting, I will send you an email and let you know.

The male characters I am casting for is:

and Sean.

IF YOU AUDITION, Please send me an email with your CCC Username so that if you are casted, I can contact you. I can express enough how hard it is to contact you all via. CCC Please, please, please email me with your username: [redacted]

If you decide to send me an audition via email instead, that is okay too.

About the Creator: Firefly

My name is Raven and I'm a sims 2 director and voice actress. I am experienced on both sides of the machinima process. I hope to work with you someday. If I work with you, I prefer to be credited as Firefly or RavenFirefly. Not Whitefeather. This was my old youtube name. xx

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold