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Team Fanganronpa's Previously Completed Works

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    About DanganronpaMP - A Danganronpa Fan Game

    16 high school students all locked into a tomb like building. No one remembers why they are there and no one is really sure of where 'there' is. All seems like it could be peaceful until Monokuma appears. Monokuma tells the 16 students they are locked into this building and no one can escape... except through one method. The Graduation Protocol. The Graduation Protocol states that should one student murder another and then get away with the murder in the following class trial they will be allowed to escape. It's not all as it seems though. Waiting for the losing side of a class trial is a punishment. Not jail time, not community service. Execution. Everything is at stake in this battle of Hope vs Despair and no one can be trusted.

    DanganronpaMP is a Danganronpa fan game developed by Team Fanganronpa, bringing the despair inducing series to a multiplayer environment.  You and three friends will dive into a new environment not seen before in Danganronpa facing new risks, challenges and trials.

    Team Fanganronpa is a small development team made up of four people who all have a passion for Danganronpa.  DanganronpaMP first started work in January 2017 with concepts and was later revealed with an announcement on the /r/Danganronpa subreddit in March 2017 and a developer stream a few weeks after its announcement.

    The game is planned to be 6 chapters long with 5 main chapters and then the last class trial which is a true showdown of hope vs despair.

    There is no current timeframe for the project to be completed but we are working on it every day.

    We ask that voice actor turnaround is as fast as possible. We are getting voice actors in early so there is currently no hard-set time frame as they are unlikely to be the limiting factor in development

    About the Creator: team-fanganronpa

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