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About Danganronpa v0 (Version Zero) - Asylums Awakening

Danganronpa V0 // Version Zero 
(Asylums Awakening) the fangame/story

Rough estimate of time frame 'til casting: Three weeks (may be extended for other reasons)

Speak of "SHSL" as "Super High School Level" in any auditions you send in! Thank you!


Greetings! My name is Atsuyo, the main producer and director for this upcoming project! I have put a lot of time and effort into this new semester of killing for you all that I hope you'll enjoy!~

What is this about?

DRV0, in a nutshell, is a longtime in development fan game/story (sort of) where I, have been writing and polishing off 16 original oc's into a killing game story! Along with some friends (Kind regards to Twyla, my secondary producer and original partner/artist.) Eki, a long time friend and Abby/Adromnoms, the amazing continuing artists for this project! 

(Links to profiles is available upon their name.) So, I have decided to open up a CCC, in hopes to add some spark into and life into my characters and story! It won't be a full game (for now!) 

We will be opening a blog and will have continuous amount of content created both by artists. A public server and also official VA's!

If you feel like you'd ever be able to contribute or volunteer to help expand or help this project grow, please do NOT hesitate to contact me!! It would mean a lot for me as a director to get any and all support to help push this project along smoothly. 

How do you plan to chose/cast your VA's?

I plan to be as unbiased as possible. So if some of my friends do not get casted I sincerely hope none of them will hold it against me. I also will be auditioning, now! Before you go along and complain about me "self casting" myself. I plan not to, with the artists and co-producers also helping with the cast process, I can assure you I will not be voicing in this project just because I can! I plan to be as fair as possible and be neutral on all cases. That is all!

We also will look for quality and not quantity, so if your mic isn't good enough to our liking and isn't of substantial quality, you'll have less a chance of being cast. Do remember this!

Also, don't be afraid to audition as many times as you like! Retakes are always welcome! Just star your officially chosen audition and let me know!

The voice references and voice actor preferences below each character isn't a straight up guide to what they should sound like, but however an idea of what kind of tone and volume I expect from the said characters, unless stated otherwise, do try to give some element to the recommended voices, but do give it your own spin now and again!

What is the general story plot?

Enter the lives of the presumed dead future 79th class, of Hopes Peak Academy. These "delinquent" students find themselves trapped in a new school called the "University for Troubled Youth" (UTY Prefecture.) Despite the school's intent of rehabilitating them, the self-proclaimed headmaster Monobat and his assistant robot Miyo force the students into a mutual killing game. One must kill to be set free from the school and graduate. Get caught? You're executed. Simple deal, now all the students cower in fear and doubt each other continuously. 

Who will live? Who will die? You, the viewer, stay tuned to find out! Or if you're a VA, here. Looking for a potential chance in voicing in this project officially? Then come along!

Here's what we need!

  • - Please have a suitable form for communication with me, preference towards Tumblr, and Discord.
  • - A somewhat decent quality mic
  • - Experienced and newbie voice actors are always welcome!
  • - Its all for fun! And don't be afraid to expand your talent's with us! Editors, script writers, graphical designers etc are always appreciated! And remember to have fun!
My social media!

Have fun, and thanks for taking your time to read this and interact with the project! ~Atsuyo

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold