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    About DanganRonpa 2 [Free Time Events fandub]

    Welcome to the fandub of DanganRonpa 2's Free Time Events!

    In case you don't know, DanganRonpa 2 is a murder-mystery game where talented students are trapped on an island where a talking bear forces them to kill each other. However, this fandub will not focus on the main plot. Rather, it focuses on the scenes where the player bonds with each classmate.

    The goal of this project is to voice over the free time events that occur when hanging out with each of the characters. Through their dialogue, we get a feel for their backstory and personalities. And now we have the opportunity to bring it all to life with our own voices!

    For this fandub, I am the director, editor, and voice of Hajime Hinata. The rest of the characters are up for casting. I also record and edit footage from the PC port. Once we finish with recording and editing, the videos will be posted on YouTube through my channel GiantTabby.

    DanganRonpa 2 is a mature-rated game aimed towards older teens and adults, so please be aware that there are family-unfriendly references.

    This fandub is a non-profit project purely for entertainment. Both new and experienced voice actors are welcome to join!

    Before you audition, know that I alone am running this project and work from Calirfonia. Meaning that I am in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-7). Thought I should bring that up in case you ask for a live session, because this means coordinating with different time zones.

    Also, I offer live auditions for this project. If we can schedule one together, you may use whichever voice chat you are comfortable with (Skype or Discord). However, because we need to schedule and/or maintain a stable call without cutting off, this is not mandatory and you can still just turn in lines.


    1. Have a quality microphone with clear recordings.

    We want our audience to hear your luscious vocal chords without any background noise nor static. Otherwise, your auditions are less likely to be accepted.

    2. Beware of potential spoliers of DanganRonpa 2.

    A few of the characters' free time events relate to the plot of the main game. So unless you've played through it yourself, I advise caution depending on who you audition as.

    3. You don't need to do impressions of the official dub.

    I'm not asking you to copy the official English dub actors. I'm asking you to match your performance with the characters' personalities. Do what you think you can to fit your voice over with the characters. Meaning if you want to voice someone like Nagito, you don't have to give me a Bryce Papenbrook impression. You just have to sound like Nagito.

    4. Send recorded lines to me before relative deadlines.

    If you become a part of this project, you can record lines on your own time and turn them in before deadlines. I want this project to fit everyone's schedule, so I won't ask for anything unreasonable like "everything within the next three days". Maybe 1-2 weeks or so. I won't be strict or punishing if you miss a deadline or need extensions, but if you are inactive then you will be replaced.

    5. Voice direction is an available option.

    I'm also open to working on the scenes with you live over Skype/Discord. Free Time Events are mainly dialogue between Hajime (who I voice) and your character, so it's easier to schedule a session when I don't have to worry about a third actor or more.

    I won't force it, but directing your performance with feedback and context can benefit both this project and your acting talent. If you're nervous about a live chat, don't be. I'm new to voice direction myself, but the live auditions so far have been easing me into this kind of work.

    6. Be friendly and have fun!

    This fandub is a hobbyist project, so I'd like us all to enjoy it. Nothing wrong with making new friends with the other actors.

    7. Additional scenes may be dubbed, if you and others want to.

    While the main goal is to dub the free time events, it's possible that we can try to dub other scenes too. However, those are just stretch goals that will only be made possible if all actors agree and take the time to record for it.

    BONUS: Have a Skype and/or Discord account

    It's not mandatory, but this is the best way to talk with me and possibly the other actors. Plus, it's easier to make friends in chats and voice calls with Skype or Discord.

    If you can't for some reason, you can still contact me through CCC PMs and e-mail (which you can find in my profile).

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold