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Chibimouto Kun's Previously Completed Works

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    About 「UPDATE」Show by Rock!! | Criticrista v. Plasmagica |

     Heya, you awesome saucy VAs~! I'm chibimouto or Gabbie for short~! As you can see ( if you clicked on this at least ) I'm hosting a FANDUB/COVER thingy~! ^w^ I've been trying to get back in the voice acting business for a few months now. After pressing the reset button on everything, I've finally urged myself to make a new YouTube channel and start over. I want to have a clean fresh slate so I can make NEW things that fit my liking and have a bit of control over stuff. Show By Rock!! just so happened to be on my list and I just COULDN'T stop myself from doing a cover/fandub of a scene~! With this being a fresh slate, I want to be able to do things right and with the best of quality as I possibly can~! LUCKILY, I can't do it by myself so HOPEFULLY one of you awesome people can join me on the journey to ... I dunno HAPPINESS with this little project of mine~!


    Before you audition, I do have a bit of information to give out so you aren't terribly confused and so I don't have to keep answering the same question in the replies~! If you want to audition for a character who sings but you don't want to do the voice acting bit then COOL~! If you want to audition for a character but you can't sing for crap, then that's fine. It is NOT required that you sing for the characters you audition as who have singing roles. I'd like it if you would, but its not necessary. Also, I don't mind what you sing. It could be some random My Little Pony song. That's fine. ADDITIONALLY : I would like some help from anyone who'd like to help with making the english lyrics for the two songs. If so, message me and we can work together. ^w^ THANKIES.

    I'll try and keep this simple because I accidentally exited out and I'm emotionally sad because all the rules I typed were lost~! SO LET'S DO THIS!

    ♢ PERFORMANCE IS KEEEEEEEY. OWO Please don't sound like a robot. Please be sure to add emotion and whatnot to whatever lines you audition for. I'm okay with derps so if you send me some mess-ups, I will laugh and be happy. Make your audition HUMAN but professional. Meaning, derps are okay, but try not to have consecutive ones in a row. THANKIES.

    ♤ Please don't shun me. This is for those who don't get cast when the casting time comes. PLEASE don't shun my name or anyone who got cast. Its not cool. I appreciate all auditions that come my way and I just hope that that simple truth is enough to make you not want to sacrifice me to Jashin. 

    ♡ ... Mic Quality ... Yeah. This is an issue. I've gone through this before and it saves both of us a lot of trouble and emotional anguish. I understand how shitty mics work, but it hurts my feelings and yours when I have to turn you down because of it~! I don't like hurting feelings. So ... please ... have a decent mic. No pops, puffs, nothing. Audacity should help or whatever vocal editing program you use. 

    ♧ PLEAASE be dedicated. I've been in the VA business for a while and it sucks when I lose VAs because they didn't turn in lines or refused to inform me when they couldn't. PRETTY PLEASE, let me know if you can't record. This isn't a long project, but if you can't send in lines or lyrics then PLEASE PLLLLEEEEASE let me know. If I'm waiting more than 5 months for a single line then I'll have to recast. 

    ☆ Take your time. This thread isn't going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to rush to send in your lines ( UNTIL the deadline shows up ). Take a deep breath and send things in when you can.

    ϟ Have fun. I assure you, there is no need to be nervous ... or uptight ... or angry. Emotions show in the voice and I don't want you guys to feel uncomfortable while you are recording.

    Rosia - Roe-sia
    Holmy - Hole-me
    Tsukino - Sue-key-no
    Ogasawara - Oh-gah-suh-war-ah
    Cyan - See-on
    Retoree - Re-tore-ee

    About the Creator: chibimouto-kun

    I'm Gabby~! I like long walks on the beach, sitting in the rain, and sacrificing people to the Neku gods of the Underworld~! Oh and I voice act~! Almost forgot about that~! I've been on haitus for a bit but hopefully now I can uproot myself from that and start back doing what I love to do~! I am on a FULL reset with VAing. >:) If I'm gonna start over, I'm gonna start it over RIGHT! OWO SO YAY~! ... *links new channel and cries over the emptiness* 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold