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Miketastic's Previously Completed Works

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    About Mainrole: "Coldtask" the Unperson

    Hello, My name is Mike! I am a writer, editor, youtuber, 3D animator, and voice actor. I've been exploring this site for quite sometime now, discovering great talents, and hearing some participants with their.. sounds.. which I enjoy for a good laugh. I am in a search of a great/honest-to-god voice actor to work with for a very special character that I hold dear to my heart, Coldtask.

    What is this project all about?

    The animation site HyunsDojo has hosted a series called "Dojo Duels." Basically its a place where animator vs other animators animates their fighting characters (usually stick figures) to compete in a match. My character is Coldtask, that white dude with shades. I had my mind on him for quite some time now and redone his work. I've finished working on his background story, rigged his 3D Model, prepared the 3D environments for matches, all I need is a signature voice for the character to make him stand out of the rest of the compeditors in Dojo Duels.

    As a voice actor myself, I felt like my voice couldn't fit for the character, so this is letting you know that I'll be very very picky.

    If you do get the position

    Being accepted, you'll get the $10 via Paypal. I'll email you the first real script (its a short script) and completing that will get you an additional $25, thats $35 in total! (I'm not rich but I do have dreams). Later on, I'll keep in-touch with you for further future projects for the character Coldtask.

    I am in hope to stay in-touch (either from email or skype calls) to work with you for an extensive period of time (breaks included) and work with the prices of each script. If you do lost interest during the run, I am completely okay with that and will leave positive feedback of your services for future references, while continueing the project (some how).

    If I don't get the position?

    I'll personally thank you for being a great contestant, and if all goes well here I will give out a good word about you with my animator buddies in HyunsDojo. Also I'll be back for more potential roles (females included).

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold