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Saturn11's Previously Completed Works

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    About (Videogame): FRAGAK-S Coders, Pixel Artists/Animators, and Story team Needed

    Hello! I'm Saturn from Team Aritana. We're a new group working on a videogame, and we're looking for more members to help us out. We need Coders, Pixel Artists/Non-Pixel Artists (including background artists), Storywriters, and Pixel Art Animators. In the future, once we have all of the lines rounded together, we will hire voice actors to fill in the roles of each character, and villain.

     (for now its a side project, but in the future, we hope to provide payment for everyone's work)

    • The Game is currently in early stages of production and we are putting ideas together to form the mechanics, the story, and the setting. no, we do not have a name that has stuck yet, but the creator (josh) has come up with a placeholding name, FRAGAK-S
    • The Videogame will have voice actors later down in the line, so we'll try to keep this casting call updated as much as possible
    • You should also have a Discord account so that it may be easier to talk to the entire team.

    Storyline of FRAGAK-S. :

    I’m assuming, however, that you’d like more information on just what exactly is this game, no? Well, it all starts with a small blob of black slime named Copernicus, who can’t seem to remember much besides his name and the fact that he can’t talk. The world he’s currently in seems to be peaceful with melancholy locals and (somewhat) happy and joyous creatures. That doesn’t last long as a giant white ball with an exposed top and a singular bloody eye invades the world with it’s crew of peculiar lackeys. A red crazed jester with a tragic past, a floating purple face with an underlying secret, a tiny, good-moraled, yellow knight with loyalty to the fault, a pair of orange twins forced to help conquer, a green robot with a once love-filled life, now turned cold and emotionless, and a blue diamond giant who only knows business and pain. These 6 (debatably 7) odd beings help the selfish, world-conquering force of evil known as the Orb of Tenebrosity (spitefully nicknamed Tenebross). In this world, only you can help save the universe from ruin, but at what cost? Killing? Betraying? Maybe even finding out what you truly are.


    Age Range: 14-21 (exceptions can be made) 

    Skill Level: Should be pretty good at what you do, but we are fine with people who are still learning

    Time/Availability: It'd be best if you're available most of the day, but it's not required

    If there are any questions you have, just send a message! I'll answer :)

    About the Creator: Saturn11

                                                                      Hello and welcome to my about page!

    I am Saturn, formerly known as 'RosellyVA'. I am a voice actress that currently works non-profit, though once I am allowed, I will start working with profit. I am a YouTuber that practices voice-work, singing, Audio editing/ Audio Mixing, A variety of Art, and Script-Writing. My voice has a very large range of singing and tones. From what I've done, The best voices I can act are probably that of a mother figure, one of a child, a news reporter, or a small mythical creature. I have been pursuing voice acting for a very long time (about three or four years). I had an old CCC account which is long gone by now, I've decided to start fresh and try to get back into what I used to do daily.


     I will usually be available at 4 or 5 pm CST on weekdays, and on the weekends I will be available at 12 pm CST and after. I try to spend time with my family during all of this to make memories and to live my life to the fullest, so there will be some times where I am not active on CCC. I am also mainly inactive around the holidays, so I will not be available around then unless I decide to enter a project,  the only case for this is when I know it will not take away from my holiday or being with my family and friends. 


    In case anyone wants me to contact me for a project, you can either pm me on CCC, or send me a friend request on discord (discord removed the feature to message someone who isn't in your friend's list) and text me the details about the project and who you think I could voice act as. Also, a little heads up for the people who want to use discord to send me project information, I realize that it is a potentially dangerous thing for me to do, so I ask that nobody with any other intentions other than doing voice-work message me whilst knowing that I am a minor. Thank You.  Anyway, here is my discord code: TheSaturn#0125

    I am sixteen, so that is why I go non-profit as of now. I'm mentioning my age just in case someone wants to make sure I am old enough for a certain part. 


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold