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Rielva's Previously Completed Works

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    About Cecil and Charlie - Muscians

    I am in need of musicians to create music for Cecil and Charlie, a Fallout 4 radioplay I am realizing is poorly thought out since Nuka World came out today and Fallout will be a distant memory until New Orleans.

    But Cecil and Charlie is a radioplay about two radio broadcasters who lived through the Commonwealth's downfall and had broadcast through their radiostation called The Ghoul. Their location is a small shack somewhat near Quincy. But either way they saw the rise of the minutemen and the fall of the minutemen and much more.

    The first episode will be using the song Going Nuclear by Miracle of Sound covered by t0ss who graciously gave me permission to use the rendition. But I do need songs for other episodes if this does in fact take off as a series, I currently have an artist and voice actor for Cecil, but I need song creators and need them soon. I will be taking on 4 musicians at the most and do in fact need a theme song for the beginning. These songs must have lyrics (unless it's the theme in which lyrics are optional) if you can make music but cannot sing please tell me. And if possible give me an example of your music.

    About the Creator: rielva

    Hi! My name is Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger, a voice over talent with experience in writing and video editing. I am from Anchorage, Alaska and have been doing voice overs since early 2016. I've wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry in any possible way. As such, I've taken up voice acting, video editing, and writing. All with a tad bit of journalism to boot.

    I own a YouTube channel housing mostly pop culture countdowns with more on the way. This same channel also has its own website I built and manage.

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