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Desmond S382's Previously Completed Works

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About Halo Machinima // Battlescars Mini-Series // 2017 Casting Call

Battlescars is a comedic mini-series revolving around a SPARTAN-III named Oliver Morrigan and his best friend, Augustus Walters. They find themselves on Reach as it is attacked by the Covenant and begins falling. Over the course of the series they have a hell of a time killing aliens, cracking jokes, blowing up vehicles, crashing spaceships, and evacuating civilians. This story will span over four episodes, each around five to ten minutes in length. Episode One is expected to release September 9th, 2017.

About the Creator: DesmondS382

My name is Desmond O'Brien. Writing has always been a hobby of mine. About three years ago, I discovered Machinima. The first being, Red vs. Blue, created by Rooster Teeth. I found that Halo could be a platform I could use for telling stories through Machinima. Most of my inspiration came from Rise of the Spartans, created by Black Plasma Studios, and The Forgotten Spartans, created by Thake Films. I have spent the last three years working to tell a story worth telling. I've also had the help of my partner, Pierce Bann. Without him, there wouldn't be a story. As of right now, he is the primary editor for our YouTube Channel, Eclipse Productions. I am the primary director, which I can openly say I'm not too fond of or skilled at. We are both writers, with three others on our team as well. They each have their own stories to tell, which all interconnect with each other into one continuous story. Pierce and I have previously worked on a smaller project, name Abandoned. We aren't exactly happy with the final product. We are aware of it's issues and we will not make the same mistakes in the future. One of our other writers, Jake Moos, has written a comedic mini-series, which Pierce and I are working hard to release. Following that project, I plan on releasing my story, Defenders of the Fallen. This would be the same project I have been writing over the past three years. I am currently rewriting the entire three episode storyline. I am in need of a superb cast to bring the characters to life, so if you happen to have any interest in helping, I would very much appreciate it.

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