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    About Intractable Uprising Season One (A HALO 4 MACHINIMA SERIES)

    Hi! This is the casting call for season one of "Intractable Uprising", A comedic Halo 4 Machinima.


    In a galaxy plagued by a nonspecific human/alien conflict (Wink Wink), a group of rebels, plagued by misfortune they had little control over, come together to take down the villainous F.U.C.K.(Federal Unification Committee and Killsquad) and take over the planet. But, will they succeed? And are they right to?


    The series will go for two seasons. Each season is about 2 hours in length, and is comprised of  approximately 20 episodes, that are usually about 5-7 minutes in length.


    Rule 1: Obviously, no being rude to other cast members. That's uncalled for and I will take whatever measures necessary to either keep you away from the other members or get rid of you entirely. I don't care how good you are.

    Rule 2: Have professional-sounding audio quality. It doesn't have to be perfect, but if there's microphone pops, loud static, anything else I can't fix with an audio editor, I'm not gonna be able to pick you. Again, I don't care how good you are, this is a dealbreaker.

    Rule 3: If you have a copy of Halo 4 and can body act, that's a plus. It won't mean too much, but if I'm having trouble picking and one person can body act and the other can't, the one who can will most likely be the one I'll go with. But again, if you can't, don't let it discourage you.

    Rule 4: If you are a major character, I'd like for you to have skype so I can create a group to keep contact relatively instantaneous. No worries if that's impossible for you, though.

    Rule 5: Have a good work ethic. Just have some kind of an excuse if you can't get lines in in a reasonable timeframe. If you need me to set deadlines or make reminders, I'm fine with that, just don't keep me in the dark, because then I will probably silently resent you. I'm mostly joking, but the keyword is "Mostly".

    Rule 6: I will most likely ask you to redo lines. Don't be insulted, multiple takes are part of being an actor. Just be prepared, after submitting lines, to be ready to redo some.

    Important Note

    If you don't want to audition because you're afraid of having a huge, long-term commitment, I can send you the whole script at once, which you can just do, send to me, and get out. Just try to send them in short bursts so I can request that you redo lines without you being overwhelmed.

    Also, I can assure you I'm qualified to do this project. You can see my channel, linked below, which has about 45 minutes of Machinima content on it already. I know how to make this, and I am capable of making this.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold