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Mizurizu's Previously Completed Works

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    AGE~ 10 - 15 

    AUDIO~ must have good audio ( please at least normalize the audio on audacity so it doesnt burn my ears)

    CONTACT~ if you get a part i will private message you and if you don't answer in 48 hours the part will be given to someone else you also MUST HAVE DISCORD 


    Fawn: Can I go to the forest? I finished all of my chores and I really want to explore!!

    Queen: Well of course sweety

    King: Just Don't pass the brick wall with green vines and the blue roses 

    Queen: and be back by supper 

    Fawn: Yea Yea don’t worry 

    So Fawn went to the forest. She walked around and explored when she finally had gotten to the brick wall. When she had gotten to the wall it was about 30 minutes until she had to get home and the walk was about 15 min so she should have been returning home. Strangely Fawn had felt that she had to go over the wall even though it was forbidden for everyone in the kingdom and punishable by death she had felt as if she was destined to go over that wall. She was very careful not to touch a rose or move an unstable

    Rock because she knew the guards would come to look to see if anyone had gone past the forbidden wall. when she got over the wall all she saw was the same old trees and the same old grass but in the distance she saw a bright blue light. Fawn decided to go towards the light but making sure she doesn’t forget where the wall to go back home was. 

    Young Fawn: *thinking* I wonder what that blue light is?

    Fawn walks to the strange light. Fawn has finally gotten to where the light was coming from. The only thing blocking her from seeing what the light is was a couple of strategically placed leaves. As she reached to move the leaves out of her way Then her hand got snatched and her mouth covered. 

    Young Fawn: AHHH muffled screaming 

    Once the person who snatched her had moved them a couple feet away the mysterious figure started to speak 

    Mysterious Boy: I will let you go if you promise not to run and scream 

    His voice sounded calm like he had done this before but he was still shaking. The boys sounded as if he was 11 or 12 only 2 or three years older than Fawn because at the time she was 9. You wouldn’t be able to tell the boys strength from when he grabbed her because his grip was almost as strong as one of the guards pulling Fawn away from the forest. 

    Young Fawn: nodding 

    The boy slowly lets go

    Awkward silence 

    Young Fawn: wh who are you

    Mysterious boy: well first answer who you are

    Young Fawn: uh well I’m Fawn the youngest daughter of the king and queen now who are you 

    Mysterious Boy: takes off his hood that was covering his face you can call me Travis

    Once he took off his hood Fawn confirmed he was 11-12 he also had the most piercing aquamarine eyes that felt unsettling and dirty blonde hair. He was also very strong which made because his grip on her mouth earlier was almost as strong as one of the guards pulling her away from the forest. 

    Young Fawn: What are you doing behind the forbidden wall?

    Travis: The real question is why is a little princess like you behind the wall.

    Young Fawn: hmm well I’m exploring the forest so if you don’t mind me I’m going to see what’s behind that opening now. 

    Travis blocks the way 

    Travis: WAIT NO!

    Young Fawn: Why?

    Travis: *stuttering* because only special people can go there and you could get hurt

    Young Fawn: … b.. But

    Travis: NO or else

    Young Fawn: fine

    Travis: Since you are here do you want a tour of the place

    Young Fawn: sure as long as you don't kidnap me


    Travis: sorry if i scared you earlier 

    Young Fawn: Its fine 

    *They walk around doing several things in the woods like climbing trees*

    After a while the sun was setting and Fawn realized she had to leave

    Young Fawn: Ohh no the sun is setting my parents are going to kill me if i'm late for supper

    Travis: Its okay i know a shortcut into the castle

    They hear rustling in the leaves and someone calling out fawns name

    Guard: Miss Fawn where are you? Please come out you will be late to supper.

    Travis looked alarmed he grabs fawns arm and gets ready to run

    Travis: We have to run NOW you can come over and sleep for the night

    Young Fawn: no i can’t. I have to get back home

    Travis: well i wish you luck 

    Young Fawn: Thanks now go before you get caught!

    At this moment Fawn had realized there was more to like then inside the wall and that she would have to come back one day but first she would have to deal with the guard

    A few years later when Fawn is 16 she is with her BFF Leaf



    Leaf: sorry i meant you *whispers* went outside the wall and met some kid and YOU NEVER TOLD ME

    Fawn; well not never i just told you now

    Leaf; hmf whatever

    Fawn: anyhoo as i said this is top secret

    Leaf: do you really think it's worth it trying to track him down i mean for all we know he is probably dead plus your parents would NEVER let you leave the castle again

    Fawn: all great points BUT there are just two things you missed ONE my sister Esme is becoming queen in two weeks and then i can officially travel on my own

    Leaf: True but you're forgetting that you barely know this kid you met him when you were 9 how are we going to find him

    Fawn: well that's kind of the problem, the only help i have to find him is that we had promised we would meet again and he had said in 7 years when springtime comes around i will be there no matter what, AND im 16 right now so 7 years have passed and it's spring but thats all i got

    Leaf: hmm i don't know sounds sketchy how will you even know its him

    Fawn: werent you paying attention to the story he had these piercing aqua eyes it will be impossible to miss him

    Leaf: listen Fawn I always think your crazy ideas are great but this one is a bit far fetched, plus why does it even matter he probably just forgot about you anyway 

    Fawn: maybe you're right but there is one last thing that happened that i didn't mention

    Leaf: what is it?

    Fawn: That night i saw a blue glow coming from my window and it was coming from the forest. It looked like the glow i saw at the opening but brighter. Leaf something happened that night and i need answers 

    Leaf: hmm i get it Fawn you want to know what happened BUT are you sure it wasn't a dream

    Fawn: im 110% sure

    Leaf: hmm just promise me that you wont make any rash decisions without me

    Fawn: I promise

    Leaf; Ok well we better go pick up the ingredients for my mom, she is making cookies

    Fawn: ooo your mom's cookies are the best, mind if i come over?

    Leaf: as my mom always says Fawn is always welcome to come over for some cookies and tea

    *they laugh*

    Fawn and Leaf go to the store and buy food while randomly chatting*

    The scene changes to Travis arriving at the gates of the kingdom*

    Thank you so much for auditioning and I hope you can join the team

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold