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Geist's Previously Completed Works

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    About Awful Hospital Dub

    "Back in the hall, you take a moment to reflect on what you've been through so far. You woke up mere moments ago in a strange place, full of strange things. Some of them want to hurt you, but they don't even sound like they're aware of it. Other things, apparently, are on your side. It feels too real to be a delusion, but it doesn't feel like the "right kind" of real. You can worry about what planet you're on later, though; some of the things here may or may not have taken your child from you and are going to do who the hell knows what in the name of some crackpot mockery of medicine.

    Full title Awful Hospital: Seriously the Worst Ever, Awful Hospital is an interactive, comment-driven webcomic by JonathanWojcik, also known as "Scythemantis"The comic stars a mother with a sick baby, whose condition had gotten progressively worse no matter what she tried. After her latest desperate attempt at saving her baby, she wakes up in a strange, twisted hospital of nightmarishly cartoonish design, run by the dangerously inept, grotesquely hammy, and insufferably egotistical Dr. H.M. Phage, a giant talking virus. She must face insane monster doctors, impossible alien physics, and talking body parts who spout terrible puns in her desperate search for her baby's whereabouts.The comic is ongoing and updated daily, typically with one to three pages of content each day. Similar to MS Paint Adventures and other Interactive Comics, the comic takes on a vertical panel format with descriptive text and dialogue appearing below, and viewers can use the comment section below to make suggestions not just for what the main character does, but what she can say to other characters as well - this manifests in-universe as voices she's been hearing since she woke up.Can be read from the start here.Updates can be followed via Dr. Phage's twitter feed here.Has spawned several fancomics, Strange School, Sordid Zoo, and Bad Lab, and a text-based "fan adventure", The Watchtower.

    About the Creator: geist

    Just your ever lovable wandering voice actor, having already spent over a decade lending their voice talents to Machinima, audio dramas/radio plays, flash animations/games, indie projects, fan projects and more.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold