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Hello! My name is Chae Sira. This isn't my real name, though. It was given to me by a Korean penpal! For this project, I prefer to go by this name, please. Just call me Sira! I am 17 years old, living in the hot and sticky state of Florida. I've had an interest in writing since I was four years old, and an interest in music since i was about seven. I am open to all kinds of music- rap, rnb, reggae, blues, pop, rock, alternative, etc.- but most of all, I LOVE kpop. I've been a fan of the genre since I was eleven or twelve. My ultimate bias group is Vixx and my ultimate bias is still undecided. Honestly, how can I choose? I have tried (poorly) to play piano and now I'm embracing my inner flower child with my ukulele. More than that, I like to sing and rap. Even more than that, I like to write.  Currently, I am on summer break so I have plenty of time. When school starts- that may be another story. Anyway, that's a conversation for later. I want to know about you!

This is a name I've kept in the back of my mind for years now. It is a combination of two words actually. Aurum, which is the Latin word for the element of gold, and 아름(areum), which is the Korean word for beautiful. Both words are pronounced alike, and I just thought their combination was a clever little creation. ^^ I would love to create a group that is beautiful in its own way, and that way is like gold. In fact, our cheesy little motto would be "stay gold"!

I would like for this to be a four member group, including me. I chose four because it seemed just enough to resemble a kpop group, but not too much to manage. I'm going for a indie vibe with this group. It'd be great if our covers don't sound too much like the original. I am looking for someone to be in charge of vocals, someone to be in charge of rap, someone to be in charge of aesthetics, and a mixer. I am the writer. You don't have to speak or be Korean to join this group. In fact, I decided to create this group specifically for international fans, as we will be covering some songs in English.

Our covers will go on YouTube, SoundCloud, and possibly other platforms should anyone suggest one. Every member will have access to the YouTube account and any other social media we decide to create in the future. Feel free to promote Aureum to your friends or on your personal social media, just be careful to not expose the identities of the members!

That being said, this will be an anonymous group. We won't be doing this for fame or for profit, just for the simple love of music. That being said, I would prefer that you don't use your real name for the group. Of course, if you want to share it privately with your members, you can. Otherwise, you should only be known by an alias to the public. Now is the time to pull out that quirky stage name you've always wanted to use! As you may have guess, I will be going by Chae Sira. Being anonymous also means that your face won't be on any of Aureum's covers. It's not because we don't love you! No, it's just preferred that we aren't associated with any image except a ~faceless aesthetic~ lol 

But on the real, remember that we are only doing this for the love of music. Aureum is made by and for people who share this love! 

A lot, almost all, or our songs will be translated into English. Unless of course we come to a group decision that a song or parts of a songs should be left in Korean. The translation adds to the whole "international" idea of Aureum. I have created a list of songs HERE that we could possibly cover if we're ever looking for ideas. You can add songs to this list if you want, but DO NOT REMOVE A SONG. If you add a song to the list, try to keep all songs by the same artist by each other. Feel free to use any of these songs for your audition as well! You can translate them into English if you want for the audition, but you don't need to. 

I'm not going to keep rambling and bore you, I promise! Now it's your turn to ramble! Make sure you introduce yourself well in your auditions. I want to know the different personalities I'll be working with! Before you continue to auditions please keep in mind these following things:

:: I'm a teenager! I have parents who kick me off the computer or don't allow me to download certain apps or do certain things. Please be understanding if something happens to limit how much I can be involved in a specific moment.

:: I am limited on technology! As much as I would love to, I don't have a fancy recording studio with top of the line equipment. But! I do have a Scarlett 2i2 Studio set and a mac computer with the free versions of GarageBand and iMovie. This is set up in my family computer room, so I have to wait until everyone is out of the room and I have quiet so I can record. Please understand this too!

:: I'm not always just about business. I would like to be your friend and get to know you! I hope that someday we'll be able to drop our aliases and be more than just a bunch of aspiring artists. Making internet friends can be tough, especially with all of the weirdos out there, but I want this to be an enjoyable experience! So even if Aureum doesn't go as planned, we are all still good friends!

Okay, one more thing! I would just like to make sure you have access to these following things before you audition. They aren't all required and set in stone, but should you become apart of Aureum, it would make the process go a lot more smoothly! That being said, please have:

:: AN EMAIL :: Gmail is preferred, as we may use Google Hangouts if we decide to video chat. This will also help with more official correspondence, such as sending recordings, videos, keeping up with the channel, etc. This can change depending on what is available to each member.  I will give each casted member the group email, which is the one I will message everyone off of.

:: DISCORD :: I'm still trying to figure out how to work this myself, and it's pretty cool! You don't have to have  Discord, but if you did it would make things a lot easier! It's a great alternative to Skype or Google Hangouts. 

:: A KAKAOTALK ID OR SNAPCHAT :: Again, you don't have to have this. I have both, but everyone in the group should agree on some sort of method of communication. With these we can set up group chats to get to know each other and talk about anything dealing with the group. I just thought it was easier to keep up with than having to constantly check your email!

:: A DECENT METHOD OF RECORDING :: This, you do need to have. Please have a mic that allows us to hear you clearly without any interference or background noise. This is important for recording songs! We don't want to have any awkward quality covers

I think that's pretty much it! PM me if you have any additional questions. Remember that you can audition for more than one role, but you will only be cast in one of the roles. Every audition is valued and greatly appreciated. Happy recording, and stay gold! ♡ 

About the Creator: sira

chae sira
      /chay shee-rah/
  1. a teenaged girl who enjoys writing, rainy weather, doggos, and dad jokes. she also enjoys singing and rapping and finds voice acting pretty fun, too. she hopes to be travel the world someday. sira is the name given to her by her korean pen pal. keep an eye out for her auditions! they may sound better than her un-updated demo reel-
    • a kpop enthusiast.
      "vixx is sira's bias group. she cries everytime man."
      synonyms:starlightmoomoonamjoon biased, writer
      "have you met chae sira? she's so lame lol"

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