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About Assorted Adult Content

Attention: This is a casting call for ADULT oriented content - if you are not an adult (18+), please look away.

Hi. I am a 3DX artist that is looking to find some voice actresses to voice some of my characters in a few of my projects. :D

As stated above, this is a general casting call for several characters to be used in multiple fantasy-themed adult projects of mine; including animations and games that I would like voice work for, with possibly other content types to come - all of them adult in nature. Some of these characters are not expressly needed in the short term, but could be used in several months or so; and so I list them just in case anyone is interested. (If I get a voice for them, I am more likely to make content with/for them.) The need level for each character is stated in their description.

You can see many different things that I have made over the years on my site; including a demo of my previous game and gifs of several of my previous animations. (There are also many story sets and other things freely available to help get a feel for the different characters and my work in general; but those are not planned to be voiced at this time.)

There are four main characters and three side characters available right now. If you choose to audition, please be comfortable with all sorts of adult content types/fetishes, (check my site for content/style examples of my work) as well as making explicit dialogue and adult SFX bits; as all of these will come into play at some point.

Below is a list of the characters that I am currently looking for, along with a basic (sometimes censored due to the rules here) image of them and some basic information about them. More detailed information (the full bios) for the main characters can be found on my "Characters" page and many other... more detailed... images of the characters can be found on my site, linked below. (The side characters really only have what info/images are posted here - as the new game is still being worked on.)

redleatherart.com/wp/ (SITE OBVIOUSLY VERY NSFW)

Attention: The pay amounts listed in the role windows below are approximated MINIMUMS - I would prefer to pay per line for dialogue and per minute for adult SFX, as described below. However, this site does not support that and requires me to list a flat payment, and so I have given bare minimums for each character. I do not know how much voice work I will need for some of these characters at this time - as my current game is still being developed and some of these characters are being cast for future content; and so some approximations are lower than others as I do not want to mislead anyone - however, the rates are the same.

Suggested/offered compensation rates: (in USD, to be paid via paypal)

$1 per short dialogue line, six words or less

$2 per long dialogue line, more than six words

$6 per minute of adult SFX

(An exchange of services could also be arranged instead of money, if preferred/desired - let me know and/or feel free to ask if this idea interests you.)

Please have a good microphone and be able/willing to clean/process your own audio; cutting would also be greatly appreciated - but is not required.

Please take note that a few of these character auditions are for content/roles that will likely not be needed for SEVERAL MONTHS. Most of the roles below are for immediate use, but not all; please check the character descriptions and be aware of what you may be auditioning for.

Need level key:

Immediate - I would have work for you as soon as the casting is finished. (this is for characters that are already in or going to be in content that is currently being made or that already exists)

Soon - I would likely have work for you in a couple months, maybe less (this is for characters that are planned to be used in content relatively soon but not right now)

Later - This is for characters that I do not expressly need right now, but will use in the future; obviously I am not planning vocal content for them until I can get a voice for them. (this is for characters whose content is probably at least several months away)

There will of course be more voice work/content (particularly in the long term) for the "main/lead" characters - especially Salune as she is in multiple major projects right now; however, do keep in mind that I need the side characters sooner than most of the main ones.

Important Audition Information:

  • Please audition for no more than FOUR (4) characters total
  • Please do not re-label the same audition file and send it in for multiple characters, it will be ignored. (i.e. - Do the proper lines for the proper character.)
  • If auditioning for one of the "main/lead" characters - please make sure that you are able (or willing) to do the role long term

If you would like to keep this anonymous,  feel free to send me an email audition and please indicate that you wish to remain anonymous in your audition.

If you wish to audition via email, then send your auditions to: voice(at)redleatherart(dot)com

If you do audition via email:

  • Please send all files in .wav format
  • Record all of a character's audition lines in one file, with a separate file for each character.
  • Label each file as (Your name)_Character.wav
  • Put "RLA Audition for (Character name)" in the subject line of the e-mail; if more than two, just say 'multiple characters" and attach the actual files to the audition email
  • Please use an email that you check regularly; as if you audition via email and are chosen for a role, I expect a response within 2-3 days - if you do not reply to an email offering a role, be aware that I will likely offer it to someone else instead.

Casting notices/guidelines: 

  • I may contact you once casting is closed asking if you would be interested/comfortable voicing a different character than the one(s) you auditioned for - just be aware of this possibility.  (I may also want someone as a backup/extra voice; just in case of whatever.) There may also be a round of callbacks if I am torn between two voices for a given role.
  • I reserve the right to not cast anyone for a role if none of the auditions fit well; which is to say that being the only audition does not guarantee the role.
  • For what it is worth, I am more interested in finding actresses that are genuinely drawn to and/or interested in the characters/content (passionate) - as opposed to finding a super high quality voice actress. (Obviously quality helps, but... just saying.)
  • I do not care if you are a "professional" so long as you act like one - by which I mean if you say that you are going to do something, I expect you to follow through with that. 
  • Replying to emails within 2-3 days and delivering content within a week or two is also generally expected unless it is a particularly high volume of voice work or if there are extenuating circumstances.
  • I will require all voice bits to be delivered in good quality .wav files
  • Again, please be comfortable with almost any type of adult content; (you can easily see many examples of content types I have covered on my pages) my basic list of things that I don't do is on my site, (on the rules/legal stuff page - it's fairly standard as far as adult content goes) but I would just prefer to find people that are ok with pretty much anything just to avoid any future problems/complications.

Quick side note: The other characters on my "Characters" page are not currently up for casting - the other females are currently taken and the males I do not see a need for at the moment. However, if you are genuinely/seriously interested in voicing one of the other girls, feel free to ask about it and I may let you try out for them via email anyway. (Just in case I need a replacement at some point or possibly for another similar voice role down the line.)

This audition is supposed to end on January 14th, 2019 at 1800 US Eastern Time - but I am not entirely sure when this site will de-list it, (it is on some other time zone) so be aware of that.

Feel free to ask any questions, either here or via email to the address above and I will do my best to answer - just know that emails will likely get a faster response.

Thanks for your interest in my project/offer. :)

About the Creator: red-leather-art

Hi. I am a 3DX artist that makes assorted adult content, much of which is freely available on my site: http://redleatherart.com/wp/ (Site obviously NSFW).

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