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    About ArythMICS : AQOURS English Chorus Group

    What is ArythMICS?

    ArythMICS is an AQOURS English cover group led by Emisen And Angel (Knightingale). It aims to bring quality English covers of all AQOURS songs including subunits along with any shuffle units/duets and solos when/if they come along. We also aim to possibly take requests, including other Love Live songs, or songs from other idol series, but our priority/focus are the AQOURS songs that are released.

    We are now holding auditions for vocalists. All girls are currently open as the leaders are undecided on who they themselves will be voicing. So far, our staff is limited to just the two of us, and we are willing to accept more staff onto our team. They’ll be held on a form, separate from the auditions. We are currently looking for:

    -Animator(s) (2-3)

    -Mixer(s) (1-2 - Angel is the group's default mixer)

    -Artists (Only if you want to, this is not necessary as we will primarily use renders)

    If you would like to apply for the staff position aswell, please feel free. You will find the link below, and here. 

    We also have our first six songs the chorus will be covering picked out already and most of the lyrics drafted if not finalised. The song list is as follows:

    Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?
    CYaRon - Genki Zenkai DAYDAYDAY
    Aozora Jumping Heart
    Azalea - Torikoriko PLEASE
    Mijuku DREAMER
    Guilty Kiss - Strawberry Trapper

    All other songs will be decided as a group and over time a schedule will be established.

    Audition requirements/requests:

    • - Please have a decent mic. All that we ask is that it is clear with little to no static or white noise. You don’t have to have a high range, expensive microphone: just as long as nothing can limit your performance.

    • -Preferably audition with both an acapella sample and a mixed sample. If you can only provide one, Acapella is preferred. This is so we can hear the quality of your voice and how well it fits the character you are auditioning for without effects along with the nature of your recording setup.

    • -Auditioners are expected to have basic knowledge of the series, characters, and songs.

    • -Audition for as many characters as you like to display your range and versatility. In the end it is the best fit for each character that will be cast and sometimes this can be unexpected. We encourage you to try as many as you like.

    • -Trap singers are welcome. We do not discriminate against gender, however a feminine tone is preferred and expected.

    • -Vocalists are expected to be able to communicate, and stick to deadlines. We know that things may crop up, but atleast message us and tell us-  then your deadline will be extended.

    • -Communication will be mainly done through Skype however we are open to also using email.

    • -Vocalists are also expected to understand harmonies : if you cannot do any type of harmony, we do understand but please mention this in your audition. If you can, preferably mention if you have a preference for low or high. (Guides WILL be provided so as long as you can sing to a guide then you can harmonise)

    • -Try your best! If you would like feedback/recommendations for other characters to try please ask and we will get it to you ASAP.

    Good luck everyone and we look forward to hearing all of your beautiful voices!

    Let’s go dive on in~

    - Angel and Emi

    About the Creator: emily wilkinson

    Hello! Im Emily Hanley (I've had my name changed since making my account) and i also go by IndieVA.

    I am a female voice actress, Mezzo Soprano/Tenor singer, Editor (Audio), Script-Writing, and Song Translation. I'm also a Rookie Artist, specifically a Background Artist..

    I specialise with visual novel work or audio-plays.

    If you would ever like to get in touch with me for work, or even for just general chat, don't be afraid to PM me, or contact me via:

    Skype: lilasskickeremily

    Gmail: [redacted]

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold