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    About Amaryllis (English Aqours Chorus Group!)

    Hey, guys! This is an Aqours Chorus group for English covers and it's name is . . . Amaryllis! I chose Amaryllis because AZALEA and Lily White were both subunits named after flowers. I began to search up some flowers and Amaryllis was the one that caught my eye. You know . . . the name has a unique ring to it. So, that's why I chose this name for our group!

    For communication purposes, I will need your email if you are cast so I can add you to the official Google Hangouts chat for Amaryllis. You may either send it by private message or by email; etc. 

    The songs we are singing will definitely be decided by the fan's votes or what our members think we should sing. I'm thinking of Aozora Jumping Heart and KOI NI NARI TAI AQUARIUM to be our first songs although this is personally my opinion. I'll create a poll and let the members vote.

    Our songs will be posted on YouTube since I have found out I actually have Windows Movie Maker to make a video.

    I'd like to have everyone active, have a decent mic (if possible), and turn in the lines on time since having a delay is.. a little disappointing. 

    Please don't worry about not getting cast. I'm not strict and there are many other projects like this that will come in the future and you might have a chance to be in that.

    My casting cricteria for this project:

    Decent mic - +5 points

    Strong voice (it's in a healthy condition) - +5 points

    Pronunciation - +10 points

    Active - +10 points

    Talented (got a lot of experience in singing) - +8 points

    Knows both original Love Live and Love Live! Sunshine and the characters - +10 points

    Takes others' peoples feelings into account - +10 points

    Loves singing - +5 points

    Has been cast at least once or twice before - +7 points

    Organizable - +10 points

    Not shy - +6 points

    Voice that everyone is used to - +7 points

    Cute voice - +10 points (Bonus +5 points if you are young and has a cute voice as normal voice like me xD, -4 points if you are faking it since we don't want fakes ;-;)


    Bullying - -15 points

    Healthy, doesn't get sick a lot, high endurance - +10 points

    Voice suits the character - +10 points

    Cheating or stealing - -10

    If you get over 65 points (the average), you are cast as that character or you qualify.

    If you get over 80 points, you are GREATLY welcome to be cast.

    If you get over 90 points, you may qualify 100% guranteed.

    If you get over 30 points, you might not be cast or not be cast depending on the case.

    If you get below 20 points, you don't qualify.

    This is just my casting cricteria for this project so don't be stressed. If you have any problems, please let me know.

    About the Creator: mindanguyen

    I'm about to come back from hiatus xP

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold