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My name is Pamela you can call me Pam, Kitt or anything . I am a chemistry major BUT , I learned to edit when I was about 13 and have been perfecting my craft . I’m not a perfect artist though, I hope one day to animate my own series. I do love editing for now . I also voice act ! But I think my true passion is still yet to be discovered.. anyways I hope that we can work together and create something magical! *:・゚✧

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    10000/10 Director! Mature, Kind, and Understanding

    As someone who has had all kinds of different experiences with different directors from good to bad, working with Kittenela (or Princessela) has by far been the most pleasant! She's a joy and pleasure to be around! As well as being a mature individual she's incredibly kind and gives great feedback! Not only will you find yourself leaving her projects more experienced and improved as a VA but also with an incredible friend! She's incredibly sweet and easy to work, I wish I got to work with people like her more frequently. The feedback she gives is amazing, she's easy to work with, and an incredible pleasure to be around. If you're thinking of auditioning for one of her projects or looking to recruit her look no further because you've found one of the kindest and talented individuals on the site!