I am here for films and animation.

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About Ponlets

I produce videos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/Ponlets and i make still frame renders posted elsewhere for a price (and for fun)

Youtube - 2024

Blender Tutorials

Instructed by Many people really

there are no direct links as i use many people to learn how to use Blender and animation in general

in this regard i am entirely self taught though i reflect the knowledge i find via what could be considered a form of osmosis

i can currently do VFX and simulations (though fluid still eludes me)

i can model and rig characters of a reasonably high complexity

Seattle Film Institute - 2020

Acting for film

Instructed by John Jacobsen

Honestly cant recall most of it but we learned how to do Beats for actions to apply for a roll as we act for screen

and also many methods for acting though i cant recall what method i used i just remember something about improv and screen writing sorry i cannot elaborate further at the moment (maybe i can come back and correct and edit this later)


I am a freelancer so the price is dependent on the work required
Animations range from 400 to 4200 dependent on length and character count (max runtime 3 min)
for longer (say 12 min) approximately 14,000 USD with price being subject to the required complexity and character count and time required

Custom characters i can make from as low as 120$ to as high as 4,500 this price range applies to rigged characters with complexity and details making the required prices higher or lower dependent on the users end needs

i also do comics which are technically animations but cheaper due to the less work required and these go from 60$ to 1,200 USD for page counts ranging from 3 pages to a full graphic novel though the price in this case is subject to change based on required complexity and detail for the novel or comic

essentially: all prices subject to negotiation

What Ponlets is looking for

People who are open minded but also willing to work with me on things be it film or animations as either collaborators or voice actors (or in any aspect really)

i mainly can only afford to make short films right now due to my fiscal limitations so if you have a paid role that would be wonderful too