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About PlutoStarss

✧  Hello! My name is PlutoStarss ✧

➼ I am a New Gacha-Youtuber and artist! I’m a solo creator that loves story writing, animation, and Editing!

➼ I’ve been in the Gacha community for about 4 years now and I Just started a YouTube channel! 

➼ My goal is to hit over 20k subscribers on my YouTube channel! And work with a lot of amazing and talented people! I also want people to think of me as a “Good Gacha influencer!”.

   ✜ If you’re interested in my socials ✜

                Insta: @plutostarss

                   Yt: @plutostarss

             Discord: PlutoStarss#5299

             Discord Server: click here!

Fell free to message me!