Hey, I'm Pixlo!

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You want to know about me?

Okay well, I’m Pixlo. I’m 18 and I live in England 😱

On a more professional level, I originally joined this website to attempt voice acting. I applied for a bunch of characters, got accepted for some then realised how much I hate my voice. So I kind of stopped. But then I realised, I can be the person that offers roles to others. I've always been inspired to create but have never gave myself a proper opportunity to, until now! Although, I do tend to take long brakes due to demotivation amongst other reasons. However, I have created a production channel under the name of Blacher Studios (pronounced blay-ker) where I will hopefully be posting my Minecraft Projects. I currently have a short film, Devil In A Man's Eye, in progress which is very near to completion. Unfortunately, it is being held up due to not having all the required voice actors yet. I am also thinking of reviving my first ever project, Amethyst High, which was in development around late 2021 I believe. It was my first time trying anything to do with roleplays/machinimas so I had a lot to learn and in the end it caused a lot of stress so I cut things short. But now it's 2024, not much has changed, but that spark I once had has consumed me again. I really do want to get these projects done, it would be a dream come true.

Want to get in contact with me?

Here, add my discord: imthatpixlo


P.S if I follow you, I admire you're talent/I'm keeping an eye on you