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About PentennyThePassword

Hey there! My name is Ruby, everyone calls me Pentenny! I did my first voice acting gig (unpayed) when I was 11 as a small part in a Minecraft series called Cursed, and my love for voice acting has blossomed since.
I speak English and Basic Spanish. But, focusing more on my English, I can do a lot of accents!
Eng (UK)(Cockney, Queens English, Basic Scottish) Eng (US)(Southern, "regular") Eng (Can.) Eng (Aus.)
I can do other various accents such as Russian, Irish, and North Indian. Not extraordinarily, but, I do the best I can!
I can also do what is often known as the "UwU voice". I've done attempts at the "Mommy voice" and, can accomplish it alright. I have a fairly regular American female voice. I can voice people who are 10, to probably around 40.
It's sometimes necessary for me to do vocal warmups, and, sometimes when I'm doing my auditions, it is at night when my family is sleeping, and I cannot be as loud.
I also do art, but, I'm not sure if its something I'm willing to do for series and such most of the time. If you really want, though, my art instagram is
check me out!
my discord is


Just some things to know about me!
I'm a Christian, my religion can sometimes affect the roles I take! But not a whole lot! most of the time I'm okay with swearing as long as its not a whole lot.
I'm very busy because my mother is a sickly individual and I have to take care of her! But I try to make time to do things, and if I have a deadline I will abide!

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