I'm currently working on a pilot for a cool modern fantasy animated series based around the 7 deadly sins as well as some biblical lore, so if this sounds interesting to you feel free to head over to https://www.castingca

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About Pengarin

Hey I'm Pengarin, but you can call me Pengy. I am an amateur powerlifter, a student, and I am trying to get into voice acting. If you're wondering who that cute pupper is in my pfp that's Jasper and he's the cutest pupper to ever live. I have all the free time in the world tho so if you have any questions about any of the projects I made or you just liked my voice then you can contact me on discord, my discord is Pengarin#8285


I'm doing this for the experience more than anything, but I'll take $5 to buy a coffee :)

What Pengarin is looking for

Voice acting. Looking for something that can give me real experience and be a lot of fun. Fantasy stuff, Audiobooks, TV-shows, or Cartoons

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