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About PatoSings

• You can call me Pato

• I'm a 16yo (Or atleast in 2023 lol, in case i forget to change my age, i was born in Jan 11, 2007)

• I REALLY love to sing, translate and dub content in multiple languages.

• I'm Argentine 🇦🇷

• I speak Spanish (Natively) & English (I don't know if a B1 could be considered fluent lol), i'm learning a LOT of languages, like, every month a new one i think, i can't say i still learn all of them, tho i try to lol

But of all of them, i can speak a basic Bulgarian, i'm learning Turkish, Hungarian, Chinese Mandarin, Thai, Esperanto & Russian.

I know phonetics and i study a lot of grammar, so i can sometimes speak/sing in languages which i don't really study, here for example, a multilanguage cover i did, i also made the lyrics (with Google Translate) so a lot of them may have mistakes, and the stress of the words can maybe show that i'm not a native speakers.

• I'm a Tenor, i think... I'm trying to sing better every day by my own, i'm taking in mind learning with a vocal coach at some moment.

• I can't say my voice sounds reallyyy, teenager i'd say, tbh, it is super weird, i have a hate-love relationship with it, mostly hate.

• Cartoons and Anime are life, periodT.


Mostly i work free, but there may be some cases where i'll actually put a price, i highly recommend contacting me for this and explaining me what you wanna work with.

What PatoSings is looking for

I don't think i'm interested into anything specifically, but i mostly work with animated content, tho of course, i can work dubbing or singing for live action content.

I don't really think i want to get anything out of it most of time, mostly it is to have fun and do what i like.

I joined it because it actually seems really useful to find and help people.