I do voice acting and singing. I dabble in other voice related things like rap and what not but for the most part I tend to stick with what I'm good at especially if I am getting paid.

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About Party

I have been doing voice acting or voice acting adjacent things since 2016. I have a professional recording microphone (NT1-A [Rhode]) and have been mostly improving my skill at it. I am a perfectionist so anything less than a perfect score bothers me, thus why I haven't gained any major followings until now. I feel as though over the last few years I have gotten good enough to feel comfortable working for pay now. As well, now that I am looking to start school I would love to have an income that I can work on from home, where I can meet amazing people, and work on wonderful projects. I genuinely love voice emulation whether that be singing, beat boxing, general VA, or anything else voice related. I hope that we can work together in the future and thanks for reading. <3


For now I am very new and will not be super picky on the pricing until I have a good idea of what is fair.

What Party is looking for

Any short or long term voice acting gigs that wouldn't be full time but could still make me a fair dime while I work on school. I will be going to school for the next 10 years (2023 as of writing this) and so I should have plenty of time to work on projects in the future. I would prefer voice acting or singing but if you feel you like me from what you read here and what your job is doesn't fit into one of those categories feel free to message me to ask if I would be willing to work on it. <3