I am an actor (voice & body), HD skin designer, builder and animator for minecraft! However, I am an amateur, and I am seeking to improve myself everyday! 

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About Eleonora

I made a lot of projects, so I am pretty busy with that and also studies! I direct my time learning how to program (which I am a beginner, so you won't be confused) and ACTING for Minecraft roleplays! I may not be the best actor, or have the best voice as I stutter a lot, I am willing to work and try becoming something better each day.

I also do HD skin designs and building, however, I may not be the best builder/designer, I am seeking to improve myself in this field, even though it might be "great" or "good".

I have a Minecraft Fan-discord server you can join: https://discord.gg/K2G3r5TK3X it also has YouTube channel and other social media you can find there! We are constantly in-need for assistance, so join and be notified of any application upcoming!


I am not charging for anything particulate, as I am a MINOR (15 - 18). And till 18 will be seeking just experience! And of course, I will be making decision then if I WANT to be paid or not.

What Eleonora is looking for

I am preferably looking for FNAF themed projects, mainly Minecraft related. However, I may also appear to like voice acting out of non-preferred projects, as I am trying to improve myself.