Voice Actor, Animator, Composer, Comic Artist, Illustrator (with a love for nostalgic cartoons and crossovers!) - [ OPEN CASTING CALL || Samurai Jack Original Comic Dubs (Deadline: May 31st 2022)]

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About pachelbelleart

Hiyya hey there! My name's Pache, it's a pleasure to meet you!

I am an artist from the Philippines that creates original and fan content, and my work varies from art, animation, music production, comics, writing, and more! 

The projects I am currently working on, and will be working on here, are primarily passion projects for fun (both fanmade and original), and I hope to make them an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all those participating.

One of the main fan-related projects I have is called "The Crossoverse", and as the name implies, it revolves around (an indefinite amount of) crossover stories and pitches for, and between, characters from cartoons, films, shows, etc., as well as characters from my own personal projects and stories.


VOICE ACTING (May 15, 2023)

 As of writing this, I have now officially gotten into voice acting recently! 

My voice ranges from LOW TO SEMI-HIGH, but my most comfortable and natural range is MID-LOW which is also where I can also emote more freely!

When it comes to voice acting, I have no formal training or education, and I primarily study films/shows, on-screen acting, and animation! I love doing more emotionally intense lines like lines that may require crying and such, and I enjoy doing conversational or natural styles of voicing as well! 

I'm very excited to learn more as I progress, as well as work towards developing my voice even more!

I sincerely look forward to working alongside you guys! Thank you!


For Voice Acting: 

Totally happy to voice for unpaid projects, but I'm definitely open to paid projects as well !

What pachelbelleart is looking for

For Voice Acting: 

Preferably short-term projects for the meantime!