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About ZrainF91

Hello! My name is Saith. I am a music composer, voice actress and casual artist.


$5 for a jingle, $25 per song or $300 for a full soundtrack (20+ songs)

Lead role: $25 per episode (if show)/$20 per cutscene (if game)/$15 in animatic
Supporting role: $20 per episode (if show)
/$15 per cutscene (if game)/$10 in animatic
Minor role: $15 per episode(if show)
/$10 per cutscene (if game)/$5 in animatic
Extra role: $10 per episode(if show)
/$5 per cutscene (if game)/$2 in animatic

$20 Sketch
$25 Penwork
$30 Fully shaded
$40 Fully shaded + penwork
$50 Full color
$60 Full color full shade

Please note that my currency is CAD

What ZrainF91 is looking for

I'm interested in composing for video games, voicing characters for dubs/games and drawing concept artwork/designs for projects.