Opal Rose

Opal Rose

Voice Actress and Singer dreaming to be in your project~

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About Opal Rose

In 2012, I discovered anime and the joy of recognizing and respecting the work that really goes into voicing a character. I was astonished to learn that not only could the visual part of acting make an impact, but the voice as well. Ever since then, I’d wanted to be one of the voices that people could recognize. Then in 2015, I joined a regional voice acting troupe and have since then began to learn more about voice over and how to hone my voice. I’d be honored to play a part in fun and creative projects! ^u^

What Opal Rose is looking for

I'm mostly looking for voice over projects! Though, I'm not opposed to singing in your project either! (NSFW is sometimes considered depending on the extent of the content involved)