Kiki (they/them)

Kiki (they/them)

20s nonbinary voice actor, vocalist and voiceover artist. Experienced with VA/VO for audiobooks, animation, podcasts, dubs and music projects. Vocal range: E3 - B5. Please only inquire for paid projects.

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About Kiki (they/them)

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Indie Animation

- Sai in ScreenTime [TBD]

- (NDA) in Izzyzzz series pilot [TBD]


- Absinthe in Returns of the Moon [TBD]

- Cave Spirit in fake. the musical [TBD]

- Lady Caine in Cassandra's Tangled Adventure [TBD]

- L Lawliet in Death Note: the Musical Genderbent [2023-2024]

Audiobooks and Audio Dramas

- Allison Granger in Rise to the Top via Diversity Studios [2024]

- Narrator for All The Yellow Suns via Hachette Audio [2023]


- Mia Fey in Ace Attorney: Path of Justice [2023]

Comic Dubs

- Mari in Jupiter Men Dub [2023]

- April in TMNT: the Last Ronin Dub [2022]

Personal Projects

- video essays as offbeat kiki on youtube, 30k+ subs, 1.7M+ views

- producer and vocalist as knox in ellie & knox on youtube and streaming services, 10k subs, 1.3M+ views

- producer and vocalist as kikimo on streaming services

What Kiki (they/them) is looking for

My dream role is to play a lead in an animated musical. I am also very interested in providing VA for videogames.

  • @goldendonnie200

    I had a big project which was the TMNT: Out of the Shadows Fandub, and thank God for Kiki voicing April in it. They did an amazing work with voicing, with bringing emotion and life into the character, and I strongly recommend them in any of your upcoming projects!! 😊👍