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I do have experience with making stuff like these, mainly making games and songs, I'm still getting better with my art especially digital art too. I have been working on working on Dragon Fury since middle school, I haven't really found an actual story to make until high school, I wanted to make it original instead of making look like it's fan-fiction, the name distrust is based off of danganronpa's scrapped name, like I said I'm making this original and some fan-fiction, it might have references but won't be fan made. Even though I gotten ideas from other people I have been working on this by myself, learning from watching shows, playing games, or just reading stories, some people knows about this project but everyone and I want to let people know about this, my entire goal is to make this game before I head to college (which is most likely next year) and make this game good as possible, once I'm finish making this game I'll make this game free as much as possible so everyone can get the experience and enjoy every last second of it. 

  • @toni_va

    This guy is amazing! He's the sweetest person I've ever known and the art he creates is fantastic! ODragonkid brings your voice to life with his artistic abilities, including how talented he is at developing soundtracks! Thank you for being awesome! I can't recommend him enough, he's a blessing.