You aint seen nothing yet! ;-) I created the most entertaining HOOD Machinima Series in ways you NEVER seen before!

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About SimsNtheHood

Hello family, friends, and fans, I am 'Nyghtmare-Simmer' the CEO creator of the "Sims N' The Hood" series production. My channel is based on a video series of rebellious teenagers from an urban hood life and neighboring suburbs. Each episode progresses the story no matter who the leading character is; everything I repeat "EVERYTHING" is connected!  

I personally am a big fan or mysteries and puzzles and so with this project I have purposely hidden 'Easter Eggs' within each video uploaded. It is intended for only the most keen-eyed major fans of the show to catch on to. There will be 'Review Videos' posted monthly as well after a complete set has been posted and lasted for a while. The Review Videos will reveal all hidden secrets,  I hope you like my series, please SUBSCRIBE for more!


Production Title – "Sims N’ The Hood"

Created By: Nyghtmare-Simmer

Rating: Mature Audiences (18+ years of age)

Language: English (Primarily)

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