Hey there! The name's Clem or Nuez, nice to meet you! I'm an author, artist and va!

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About Clementine


Hey whoever is reading this! Thanks for checking my page!


⭒About me⭒

I am Clem (she/her), but I also go by Nuez! I love making videos, animating, drawing, writing and voice acting!

I like voice acting in comic dubs, animations and original projects.

I have already released a comic of my own on the Webtoon platform.

If you want me to voice act in one of your projects feel free to message me by any of my social media.


⭒Vocal Range⭒

I feel comfortable acting voices from medium to high tones. I’m also able to make a boyish voice.



You can check my Education and Testimonials section.


⭒Social Media⭒

❧ Carrd 

❧ nu.clem ☙


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⋅•⋅⊰∙∘»» HyperX QuadCast Standlone Microphone ««∘∙⊱⋅•⋅

⭒Currently in High School⭒

⭒Only worked in a few voice acted projects⭒



I'll work on any project as long as it looks fun and promising!